Monday, March 2, 2015

Metrolinx perk "business as usual" - Toronto Sun report

I thought the controversial part was the fact employees could bring a guest along for free - without restrictions?

Metrolinx told employees they could continue riding GO Transit for free even though the province promised to review the controversial perk.

Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca ordered the agency to re-evaluate the policy after media began to ask questions about the benefit, which could save an employee thousands of dollars a year at a time when fares are increasing for regular riders. Under the rules, employees are allowed to ride alone, or with a guest, for free.

The results of that review are expected to be presented at Metrolinx board of directors meeting Tuesday.



Skin Man said...

I think its a good thing to get the employees on the train. It will engender a better understanding of the user experience. CJ's right, its the guest that is the issue....and I think the retirees riding for free.

Squiggles said...

I read this yesterday and I am sad that they are not reconsidering this perk.

Personally, I think 2 things need to be done about this:

1) Get rid of the free guest perk. If the monthly pass holders lost this with the loss of the paper pass, then the employees should as well.

2) Is the employee ride recorded somehow? Even if they are reimbursed their Presto fare. I am asking as it seems to be free all the way around. Most companies, the perks are still taxable and show up on T4s. It should be the same with Metrolinx. If not, then maybe switch it from "free" ride to a severely discounted ride. Especially if they want the employees to experience what paying customers experience.

Anonymous said...

I understand from a Metrolinx employee that they have been told they can no longer bring guests with them.