Sunday, March 8, 2015

I see this on social media a lot - a driver who is annoyed he/she has to stop to let a thousand of us go by (think *real* hard about that)


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C.J. Smith said...

I would like to point out that the use of any mobile device while driving, even if you are stopped for a train, is prohibited under the Highway Traffic Act. Put your phone away and focus on the traffic behind you.

Bicky said...

Not just behind, but in front, beside and all around.

George said...

When I have to drive downtown, I kinda wish pedestrians would obey traffic lights. I've been stuck at the corner of York and Front for 3 lights because people just won't wait for the next one. They keep crossing no matter what colour the light is. I had to honk like mad and inch my way through the intersection.
When the light turns yellow, they speed up a bit but hundreds of others join the herd. Safety in numbers.

C.J. Smith said...

^ George, good point.

outburst said...

It's like that on buses, too. People in their cars get upset when the GO driver won't let them cut into traffic.
I am amazed how many people don't know that GO buses have the right of way. One GO bus replaces up to 50 cars that would have clogged up that street you're having such a hard time merging into.

George said...

Well this morning at around 11am I'm driving a company vehicle north on University Ave.
A girl at the corner of College and University concentrating on her cell phone crosses against the light across University. Without even checking traffic Several horns blare and she stops and looks around but keeps crossing. Against the light. More horns blare from the southbound lanes but she pays them no attention. Earphones, a smart phone and a busy intersection. The perfect Darwin combination.

Smart phones sure make people a lot dumber.

Anonymous said...

Agree with George - Front and University is the wild west. It should get more organized once the construction is finished. I'm a pedestrian at that intersection daily and wow! (don't worry - no cellphone in hand, and eyes in every direction)

Quadtumbler said...

I did think about this and I agree with this Zoomer fellow. I think it's time to bridge over the tracks or tunnel the road under. The Stoufville line is a joke and it needs the most attention on this front. Keeping road and rails from joining will allow faster operation even with tie and ballest tracks. With proper overhead power collection 125 MPH Go Trains would be a reality. So for different reasons I agree. 125 MPH Go Trains, if Metrolinks get this right were all laughing.

George said...

125 mph trains on the Stouffville line? All the existing track would have to be replaced as the line was never built to handle those speeds.
Overpasses and underpasses will only get built where traffic volume demands it.
I'd prefer Metrolinx and the gov't use our tax money to improve existing service rather than making as yet unnecessary improvements.