Friday, March 27, 2015

Located an interview I did back in January, I always wonder what happens to the rest

I love talking about this website. I love talking about this gong show of a GO village and how without you all, there would be no site, no reason to keep "GO"-ing.

After an interview wraps, rarely does the reporter or radio personality follow up with me to give me a heads-up of whether the story was used, where I can read it, or listen to it.

So occasionally I will google myself to locate what's been published and today I found the interview I did for the PRESTO card roll-out on the TTC in January.

The best radio interview I ever did had to be the one with Jerry Agar at Newstalk 1010. That was hysterical. I never think to record these. I have nothing on record. Even the CBC interview, which was my first-ever media interview, and was done live in-studio, is long gone.

KX96 was a disaster. I'm glad there's no evidence. I was unprepared for the questions. I've learned since to ask the reporter or DJ if we can pick a time rather than agreeing to something "on the spot".

My favorite folks are from the Toronto Star. I always have a fun time on the phone with their staff and transit reporters.

I still owe the Toronto Sun a chat about PRESTO. I better get on that.


Anonymous said...

The Jerry interview is what made me a fan.

Anonymous said...

We love you too, CJ.