Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Complete and total balls

Oshawa GO Station - 7:31 am, February 2, 2011

There was no need for GO to invoke a snow schedule with all stops for all trains leaving Oshawa this morning.

Why? To brake for snowflakes?

I don't see what was different today than say, January 12th of this year, when it snowed hard and fast in damp wet clumps. Today's snow is light with blowing wind. Visibility was fine in Durham. In fact, looking outside the train now as we're pulling into Union, I can see just fine. Driving to Oshawa from my rural home in Clarington took twice the time but traction was good and traffic was light - people obviously took the day off.

What blizzard? I'm not "geddon" it. You're not snowmageddon it either.
When did snow become a national day of panic? In Ontario? In Canada?


Anonymous said...

A lot of fuss and inconvenience for bullshit.

Richard said...

Remember the good old days when we at least waiting for it to start snowing before we cancelled everything. The whole reaction to the "storm" was a bunch of media hyped crap, including the go severe weather plan

Richard said...

and more milk runs tonight as GO has extended the weather plan for evening trains. Didn't the winter storm warning end?

C.J. Smith said...

Richard, see latest post!