Friday, February 4, 2011


This morning, on the 7:15 Oshawa-Union, I was graced with the pleasure of sitting beside two ladies who, and I'm not quite sure here, fight forest fires for a living, start forest fires as a hobby, watch forest fires for pleasure, or chase forest fires kind of like those psychos on TLC who chases tornadoes.

Whatever the case may be, these two women sure knew a lot about forest fires, the degree of severity, how they're classed, the measures taken to contain them and how fast - in metres - they spread.

Then all of a sudden, acting like they've just given birth or won the lottery, these women grew incredibly excited as we passed through Whitby to Ajax where there's a small forest that borders the north side of the 401 and in great earnest, they discussed how long they think that forest would burn for and how many hectares it is and the degree of flame(?).

Pyros. I has them.


Unknown said...

OMG...the things people on trains talk about is ludicrous. Of course so was the woman on the train who took the opportunity to annoy the crap out of us Friday on the 6:19 Union to Oshawa by trying EVERY friggin ring tone on her phone out over and over and over.....BEOTCH STOP already!

C.J. Smith said...

Those people are my favourite. I have a post about one of them.