Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stink. With a side of mayo

Anonymous writes via text message (9054420352):

This guy sitting across from me decided to eat the stinkiest sandwich this morning. The girl sitting beside him actually looked like she wanted to shove it up his ass. I was willing to help. It was not something appropriate for the train. Ever.


pho said...

it looks like kale and i bet it's steamed. f-g gross. i hate that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Please folks, keep your stinky food wrapped up in closed public areas like the GO. I don't regularly carry air freshener in my bag and NO ONE should be subjected to the stinch of foods while in enclosed public places. Plus....if I wanted to smell $hi+, I'd go into one of those tiny a$$ bathrooms and inhale the air in there. Thank you very much.