Friday, February 25, 2011

This should be interesting

Told this woman tonight (in the white coat and jeans above) in the Bay Teamway at Union that she used the Presto balance checker to tap her card and thus, her Presto card remains un-debited, to which she gave me a blank stare, turned, and concentrated intently on the departure LCDs.

Well, guess who is on Platform 6 waiting to board the 7:17 train?

GO constables.

Let's see how this plays out ...


I saw them get on ...

The hell? Where are these jokers?

This is balls.

She's right across from me. I was hoping to tattle on her ... if she played the dumb blonde of, "Gee, sir ... I didn't realize the machine was broken ... "

Am I mean? No.

I pay my fares. Why should she get to ride for free?

Go ahead, I'll let you hate me for it, for wanting to rat her out. She's a lucky girl.


Kelly H. said...

People who blatantly risk the chance of being caught or figure playing dumb is how to avoid paying a fare deserve to be caught. She made a choice after you told her the error to go ahead and leave her card untapped. That's decision to break the law and then to stand there knowing the card could be checked just shows how many people don't care anymore about doing the right thing.

Dan-1 said...

Sometimes they wait on the train for a bit before starting.

The thing that bugs me is students not having (or claiming to not have) their cards on them. You wouldn't forget your credit card at home and yet you forget your student card...

Mel. said...

I would have ratted her out too. Some people think the rules don't apply to them.

Anonymous said...

And what if she WAS just checking her balance? How do you know she didn't tap it somewhere else?

C.J. Smith said...

Mmm, let's see. I was behind her as she walked down Bay Street.
We both entered the Teamway together with her slightly ahead of me.
The first Presto machine was not in service so she moved to the next machine - the balance checker - and tapped her card. I walked past her to another Presto machine and PAID my fare. She didn't PAY her fare but she thought she did. When I took the time to point out her error, she didn't even acknowledge me which means either she thought I was lying or figured it didn't matter.