Monday, October 3, 2011

Shout Out: Mind yo' business

date Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 11:04 pm
subject get a grip

A train buddy and I have one of those travel size Connect 4 games. The kind you buy your kids to play in the car. Tonight we were playing our usual game (Barrie line) on the ride home and this woman sitting in the same quad as us was getting annoyed at us because we were playing a game of Connect 4! Rolling her eyes, etc!
At one point she muttered the word, "childish". Since when was it a crime to play Connect 4 on a train? Who says it's for kids?
We weren't being loud. We weren't chest bumping each other after a move.
Some people need to get a grip. And you lady, with your three Coach handbags, need to learn to let things go.
- Rutherford Guy
OMG. I hate Connect 4. I could never win at the stupid game and my husband always beat my ass. One time, in a fit of rage, I threw the game off my 8th floor balcony. I took up Scrabble a few weeks later. I've kicked his ass so many times that my husband now leaves the room when I pull out the game and crawls into the linen closet where he cries in a fetal position.

Steve, here's an online version of Connect 4! for you.


FRED'S WIFE said...

Okay, well was this a rambunctious game? Were you making all the exaggerated hand motions and body jumping like in the commercials? Because if you were, you'd piss me off, too.

Steve said...

We're pretty quiet. She's just an uptight woman.
Wow, I didn't think CJwould publish this!

Dan-1 said...

Next time get up and start shouting at her "CONNECT FOUR! WOOOO! WOOOO! WHO'S YOUR DADDY?! WINNING!"