Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm surprised she didn't get up and urinate as well

K.T. sent this photo in of an LSW rider this morning who took great pains to mark her territory on the train.
"This woman made sure her purse got its own seat this morning. Then, to make sure everyone got the message that she needed her space, she made a point of spreading out her coat and keeping one foot in the aisle."
Read more about spraying to mark territory. I want to make sure you get a good visual on this.


Anonymous said...

Ba ha ha ha!
Oh my god. Nice one, CJ. I'll never look at bag riders the same again.

Squiggles said...

I had someone similar to that this morning! One who forced me from the window seat to the aisle because she thought that my leg room was for her too!

Why can't people be respectful of one another? Is it really that hard to keep your crap to yourself?

Anonymous said...

There was a woman like this on my streetcar this morning, except she not only took up the seat next to her, but she also draped her coat over the 2 seater in front of her so she was actually taking up 4 seats!