Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You may want to ... oops, too late

I had my car broken into for $5 in change. Don't trust anyone.

GJ writes:
This vehicle pulled into the parking spot next to mine while I was still in my car.

The owner was careful to remember to take things out, but not careful enough to put certain things away.

Nice GPS, eh?

It sure is.


Squiggles said...

Hey, my sister had her car broken into and all that was taken was a Johnny Cash CD. It would have been cheaper for her to buy the perp the entire box set than to pay for the damage done to her car.

But yes, a nice GPS in the nice Beemer.

Bicky said...

My dad had his car broken into - only thing taken was his cell phone charger. They left the cell phone! (wasn't a smartphone or anything fancy)

I don't even keep the clip on my windshield for my GPS. No need to ask for trouble.