Wednesday, February 22, 2012

$16.02 a day

I can sponsor 16 children through World Vision with just a day's fare.

This should put it into perspective why many of us bitch about the behaviour of other commuters.

Maybe you're not as financially conscious as me. Maybe you live with your mom and dad and don't have bills and a mortgage to pay outside of your GO transit fare.

But for many of us, we ride the system with the expectation of manners and courtesy.

So if it angered you off that I called you out on this website for being a door donkey, it's called a consequence.

Only the guilty ever feel the need to defend themselves.


Anonymous said...

And I pay almost $14 a day to do what the fuck I want on the train, so eff u.
Seriously, buddy. What the fuck do u care how many bags I have or where I stand on the train or if I want to get up and line up before my stop? Or run to my car. Or smoke on the platform. Or stretch out after a bullshit day. Feet on the seats! Hell ya. Show me the by-law asshole.

Anonymous said...

Not smoking on the platform is by-law #1. Not to sure how you missed that one, other that to assume you didn't even bother to read them.

Squiggles said...

Here you go Anon #1.

Though I suggest you brush up on your Grade 2 reading ability because it is gonna hurt when you realise what an ass you are.

FRED said...

Stay classy, anon. Stay classy.

Anonymous said...

@ is why we care:

1) Bags....its effin rush hour and the trains are at capacity...if you are going bring lots of bags, go to the Accessibility coach where there's lots of room to put them w/o getting in everyone else's way.

2) Line up before stop - If you block other people from getting off their stop b/c you stood in front of the doors...your a douche..plain and simple. I really don't care if you line up...but get the hell out of the way when needed.

3) Run to you car - Don't really just look like an idiot!

4)Smoke on the platform - are you serious? You really don't know why that bugs us??? Look up second hand smoke a-hole! My grandmother died of lung cancer...she never smoked a day in her life...but guess what, my grandfather did and so did some of their kids. Her doctor said she had smoker's lungs. I don't want to breathe in your poison. You want to poison yourself....go for it...just don't do it where others have to breathe it in too. On top of that...some people are allergic to the smoke and even a slight hint of it will flare them up...why the hell should they have to suffer for 4 hours b/c you were too effing lazy to to walk off the platform before lighting up. And on top of that...I don't want to walk by your disgusting cigarette butts on the platform.

5) Stretch out after a day - do it all you want so long as you don't intrude on somebody else's space and so long as you don't put you filthy shoes or boots on the seats. Tell you what...since you think it's okay to dirty up the seats...imma send you my drycleaning bill 'kay?

lswgirl13 said...

How about just plain common courtesy and manners???

ExGOnowTTC said...

Go right ahead anonymous. Just before you do that though, could you give me your address? I want to take a giant shit in the middle of your lounge room.

teddy said...

Ohhhh anon.... I really enjoy it when people like you show how ignorant they are. I found the by-laws for Go Transit.

1) What the fuck do u care how many bags I have- ->BY-LAW: 3.35 page 12

2) Where I stand on the train- common courtesy especially of you are blocking me from getting off the train

3) if I want to get up and line up before my stop?-see above

4) Or run to my car- you just look like an idiot

5) Or smoke on the platform- ->BY-LAW: 3.33 page 12

6)Or stretch out after a bullshit day. Feet on the seats! ->BY-LAW: 3.29 page 11

there are the by-laws asshole

Anonymous said...

Bite me. Until some GO schleppo tells me in person, I'm entitled to do what I want. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

^ By that logic, until a cop tells you in person, you should be allowed to run down as many people as you like in your car.

Yeah, ok, let us know when you enter the real world Anonyhole.

deepfish said...

Anonymous said the secret word! He's "entitled". These vacuous types at least know that much - its all about rutting about like hogs after their own inflated sense of entitlement. Gee, wonder just how many of this type were dropped on their haids as babies...?

Sylv said...

I fell on the stairs at Union the other day (going down, landed on my knees (actually, knees did not touch ground) on one step, feet twisted beneath me. Result: a sore left heel and a sprained right ankle.

At the end of the day I made my way back to the train and KEPT MY FEET OFF THE SEAT, although having my ankle elevated would have been really nice. Courtesy - it can be done.

Fred's wife said...

My God, Sylv
I'm glad you're okay...

Sylv said...

Thanks. It is scary to think about what could have happened, that's for sure! There was nobody in front to stop me from going head-first down the concrete steps. The man coming down the stairs behind me helped me up and escorted me down the rest of the way. If he hadn't helped me up I don't know if I could have on my own, as I was balanced just right not to take a header.

ExGOnowTTC said...

You should be doubly-thankful you were crushed under the feet of charging door donkeys/free stuff seagulls/get out of my way i'm more important than you types.

Sylv said...

@ ExGOnowTTC, I know! I had visions of broken bones and an untimely death flash before my eyes.