Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh my god. This person needs to be elected Chairman of the Board

Stumbled across this blog post.

She discusses the imbalance of GO Transit's Twitter strategy (or lack thereof).

This person gets it. Of course, she does work in communications...

What's this clear liquid running out of my eyes? Are these... are these ... my god ... they are tears of joy.


Squiggles said...


But, I do have one thing that should have been added: GO doesn't have a competitor. And based on what I am assuming are survey responses, they know what the issues are. They just can't be bothered to fix them.

Anonymous said...

I also work in communications and contrary to your blogger's revelation there is a different school of thought that says the ratio of followers to following SHOULD be imbalanced. Take Lady Gaga for instance... She has millions of followers but follows much less - this doesn't make her any less effective. Don't get me wrong - the GOs twitter sucks balls but we aren't seeing the whole story here. With apps likeTweetDeck orgs can see everytime someone mentions GO and can respond right away. They clearly aren't doing this, and I find this to me the bigger indicator. Sorry for the rant!

kim said...

Interacting with "fans" and interacting with customers are two different things.
GO provides a service and should be following accounts where customers focus on GO related issues.

TomW said...

GO doesn't need to follow anyone to be engaged with them. They can send tweets to people without following them.

Top things I think GO should do Twitter-wise:
1) Seperate English-language and French-language accounts. Depednign on yoru lanaguge skills, either 50% GO's tweets are unreadable, or they repeat everything.
2) Tweet any info relating to disruption on any service.
3) Answer people's questions as much as possible.