Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mom doesn't understand us

Last weekend, my mother confessed to me that she doesn't understand my blog. She also said she doesn't understand why anyone reads it. Ouch.

She giggled and covered her mouth with her hand ... like she was embarrassed.

My mother has little to no experience with the woes of public transit and the nuances of other passengers. Mom uses the subway about once a year and the GO train? Cue tumbleweeds.

Don't get me wrong, my mom has been on the GO train. She loves the GO train. The Pickering Town Centre is her favourite shopping centre and my mom is one of those women who blocks off an entire day to shop at one mall. Up until 18 years ago, my mom rode the GO train to Pickering at least once a year for her annual "shop day".

She also doesn't understand how we can possibly be annoyed by the first world problems that are well documented throughout this website.

Secretly I think my mom is a foot rider.


Bicky said...

Ok, Mom, here's the deal. Someone out there (that would be CJ) can relate to what 98% of us go through whilst on the GO Train. Her ability to find the humour in what would be an otherwise tedious commute, keeps many of us going. Knowing that we, too, can make it through another ride with foot riders, bag riders, and other boorish behaviour.

And Mom? I read CJ's blog because it gives me the mental break I need during my day (try proofing tax law all day - yeesh!). I love reading her stories and sharing a few of my own. Believe me, 20 years on the GO Train, I've seen and heard a lot!

The thing is though, once you start reading, you're hooked. Checking in here is now part of my daily routine. :o)

I'm sure many others will share why they read CJ's blog.

C.J. Smith said...

Aww Bicky,
That's so sweet.
For some reason my mom thinks I'm cataloging my life on here.
She's a really nice gal but she can't wrap her head around blogging.

Kathy said...

I'll be honest here and admit I walk to work. I ride the GO (LSW) about once a month, tops. Used to be a semi-regular commuter from Markham but even that was short-lived. And painful.

*I* don't understand why I like this blog as much as I do. But I do, and nary a day goes by without my reading it. Who cares why?

It's a culture/generation thing I think. My EE mom doesn't get what blogs are about, either.