Friday, November 22, 2013

Channeling inner Cj rage - Natalie's got this

from: Natalie
to: CJ Smith 
date: Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 4:50 PM
subject: Bag (cooler) Rider TTC

Hey CJ,

I don't ride the GO anymore so you may not find this
as...triumphant...a story because it happened on the TTC but you
should know I channelled my inner-CJ this evening on my commute home.

Riding the University line from King to St. George is a little less
stuffed, rude, and is generally a nicer ride. It only adds 5 minutes
to my overall commute home but saves my sanity and for the most part I
keep to myself.

Except tonight.

As the car unloaded at Union (which when I load at King one stop prior
I have to ask people who are blocking free seats to excuse me so I can
sit, lest I be taken away in a sea of exiting commuters at Union), a
construction gentleman of 35-45 yrs proceeded to take a seat across
the aisle from me with his duffel bag and large cooler. He proceeded
to sit on an end seat next to the joint of those new subway cars, and
I figured "wonderful! He's done that so his bags are out of the way of
everyone". Sadly I was mistaken, his cooler got a seat next to him.
It's rush hour, CJ, and at the next stop no less than three people
beelined for it but never asked him to move it they simply moved on.
This is where my inner-CJ piped up.

So I asked him:
Me: why don't you put the cooler on the floor?
Him: huh?
Me: repeat what I said
Him: who cares people can sit if they want
Me: you're going to make them ask you to move the box? Don't you think
that's a little rude?
Me: no? Ok then I think it's pretty rude
Him: mumbles something, I ask him to repeat he mumbles again I ask the
woman next to me what he says, she says:
Her: why don't you get up and offer your seat then?
Me to him: because I'm a person and that's an inanimate object I think
you're being rude don't you? No? I mean you don't Have to listen but I
think it's pretty rude, I'm just saying.
Inner-CJ: haha you blinked first!!

And that was it. He never did move the cooler and the car filled up
with people none of which asked him to move it. The woman next to me
said I was brave and she'd never be able to do that. I told her
normally I would make it a point to sit in a seat like that to make
them move their shit, and I do because they should. They can huff and
puff and blow all they want but I still sit and I sit good and comfy.

I wish more people did that CJ...I really do.

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from: C.J. Smith 
to: Natalie
date: Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 5:01 PM
subject: Re: Bag (cooler) Rider TTC

It's not easy to speak up and it can be nerve wracking but at least you gave him something to think about.
It is scary world out there but how did it get this way? Because we stopped asserting ourselves, in my opinion.
Bag riders and foot riders are bullies. It's a form of intimidation or at most, a marking of territory. No different than a dog pissing on every bush at the dog park to show all this space is mine. Instead of pee, folks like construction guy use personal belongings.
We all need to show more alpha male!

from: Natalie
to: "C.J. Smith"
date: Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 5:07 PM
subject: Re: Bag (cooler) Rider TTC

I totally agree with you, the lack of assertion happening not just with this but a ton of things is frightening. My mother taught me to stand up and speak up for myself and at the tender age of 4 I did that when I was cut in front of while waiting to order my chocolate milk at Arby's. Dude knew better too, and the cashier didn't see me!

I think that people need to stand up for themselves but I also think they shouldn't have to. Catch 22 I suppose.

Le sigh, I felt better and he refused to look at me again...small victories.


Anonymous said...

I'd give credit to Natalie for actually speaking up. Don't be intimidated. If no one will speak up then who will.

Kelly said...

I think after being spoken to a lot of people are resentful and purposely he wouldn't move his crap - BUT CJ is right, it made him think and maybe next time when you aren't there to call him out on it, he will put it on the floor. We can hope...

ExGOnowTTC said...

I guess i'm lucky that i'm built like a brick s***house so people tend to move their crap when i look at them, but even then they don't always. That's when i just pick up their stuff from a seat and drop it on the floor.

andrea said...

idk about touching their stuff or dropping anything of theirs on the much potential for violence there...but I too make a point of making the seat hoggers (people who use seats for purses and bags) move their stuff for the seat. I will go to a seat of someone hogging the neighbouring seat everytime even if there are plenty of seats on the bus. My own little way of protest. been doing this for yrs :) makes em good ;)