Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Does the Quiet Zone make the train more miserable for those who don't sit in the Quiet Zone?

from: A.L.
to: "C. J. Smith"
date: Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 9:28 AM
subject: Quiet Zone side effect

Not sure there's a causal connection, but I'm sitting on the lower level of a LSW this morning and it's unbelievably loud. 

A couple of women sitting behind me are sharing YouTube videos of cute toddlers played without headphones.. Loud. And they're chatting and laughing. 

Across from my quad is a woman on the phone talking about translating her home movies onto DVD. I can hear every word. 

Judging from the looks of fellow passengers, they're louder than normal. Is this a byproduct of the QZ? The idea is, if you want quiet, go upstairs. Downstairs is a free-for-all. Don't even try to moderate your audio. 

- A.L.


Cj says:

I have noticed on the rush hour trains home, specifically the 4:53 and 5:10 LSE, the first two coaches heading east, that the regular folks (the door donkeys) are absolutely obnoxious. Louder than I can ever recall. It's actually disgusting that "adults" carry on the way these jerks do.


Squiggles said...

You could be onto something. Mind you, my morning ride in was always quiet and the Quiet Zone is just the icing for when someone decides to break the silence.

I tend to not ride in the Quiet Zone in the evening. The few times I did, it was louder than the main floor.

Taylor said...

I agree regarding those door donkeys, I could hear them all the way up in the quiet zone yesterday (4:53). They must think their conversations are the best. words. ever.

Anonymous said...

Oy, the projecting!
No one gives a crap about their lives.
It's embarrassing to watch and listen to.
The exaggerated laughter, etc...

Anonymous said...

Quiet and loud are subjective terms of reference. Can someone quantify “they're louder than normal”?

Anonymous said...

There is no quiet zone anywhere. I wish GO would give up on ths failed experiment. I would like it to work but my experience has been that things are WORSE since the introduction. Staff no longer announces it, the zone is never enforced and any observation I have had of people asking other people to respect it has led to ugly confrontations in every single case. Right now I can hear two people on my car where I am at the opposite end. Ironically, they are sitting under the quiet zone explanation poster. They have been asked to be quiet twice and have told the people asking to shut up. Give up GO - it is unenforcable.

Anonymous said...

LSE 6:47am Oshawa

I like sitting on the lower level as I feel claustrophobic sitting on the upper level, and the mid level is too creaky and squeaky.

I change train cars every once in a while, for kicks, but my regular car has those door donkeys from Pickering, who can't get a seat, so they talk loud, cackle loud, play their music, then make a comment about how they woke up a commuter from his sleep. On those days they do get a seat, they're quiet.

Sour grapes. Don't take your frustrations out on us $300/month commuters.