Friday, November 29, 2013

I could have sworn it was Sunday

I don't know about your trains but my train was next to empty this morning. Either everyone took early trains to shop the Eaton Centre before 8am, or they took the day off to shop the malls.

I actually had a whole quad to myself all the way to Union on the last coach of the 7:15 out of Oshawa.

It wasn't without drama, though.

In the quad next to me, a lady was called out by the woman across from her for chewing her gum too loud -- it being the Quiet Zone and all.

I pulled my earbuds out because I wasn't sure I had heard the woman right. But yep, she asked the lady across from her to quit chewing her gum. I don't think she'd been snapping it. The gum chewing lady made a snort and left to sit downstairs.

Truth be told, we have some real Quiet Zone nazis on the LSE.

On Wednesday morning these two ladies, who hadn't seen each other in months from what I could gather, were quietly sharing photos of their grandchildren on their phones when they were suddenly harshly berated for whispering by the woman sitting directly behind them.

One of the women was so hurt by the confrontation, I could see she was blinking back tears. THE TRAIN HADN'T EVEN LEFT THE STATION YET FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

I moved to sit over next to these ladies for the rest of the ride so I could shield them from the Quiet Zone bully who I politely pointed out the Quiet Zone rules to.

She was way out of line.

The Quiet Zone is not meant to empower passengers to intimidate others with their own definition of quiet.

You're free to move.


Anonymous said...

i do find it annoying however when people start opening up their paper take out bags...

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of the Quiet Zone :) but yes, some people need to lighten up a bit. I've noticed that most people lately (on my car, at least) have been respecting the QZ guidelines. I usually take the 4:53 LSE home from Union, and while people sitting there are often chatting with each other or on the phone when I get on (around 4:40), they usually shut up once the train starts moving. I'm OK with that. I don't mind the odd mid-ride call either so long as it's brief & voices are lowered.

Bicky said...

My train was pretty busy this morning. Normally there's only 2 in the quad I sit in but this morning, it filled right up.

People need to remember it's a "quiet" zone, not a "silent" zone. There's a difference.

George said...

it's the QUIET zone, not the DEAD zone.

Grab a brain folks. The worls isn't silent andif you can put up with the rocking and rattling train, the CSR announcements and all the other noises involved with train travel, a little whispering or gum chewing IS NOT NOISY!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that some of these enforcers who want a "Silent Zone" need to buy some noise cancelling headphones, as the problem is with them, not everyone else. It seems like common sense and courtesy are long gone. Obviously, if someone is talking at loudly on the phone, practicing their drum skills, or playing angry birds full volume there is a problem.

I think I am going to invent a noise cancelling bubble for these Silence-Enforcers to travel throughout their lives in. Similar to a hamster-ball but sound proof.