Thursday, November 7, 2013

Picture helps tells the story

from: DM
to: GO Train blog (
date: Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 7:20 AM
subject: Quiet Zone Cage Match

Hey CJ,

I hadn't even been on the train from Barrie for 30 mins this morning when this obnoxiously loud dick and I think his 20-something son get on, sit across the aisle from each other and start having a yell-talk conversation. A woman with her husband in the next quad quietly "shhhh"s this man. He clearly doesn't know the rules. It's just now that the SHIT has hit the friggin' fan!

Loud dick goes "WHAT?! You can hear me through your god damn head phones?!" Lady, now realizing she's dealing with a sociopath, says quietly, "Well yes, you're speaking quite loudly and this is the quiet zone". Loud dick goes "Well turn them the fuck up then!"

Lady's husband is not havin' that so he asks that Loud Dick not speak to his wife in such a manner. Loud Dick, in typical silverback gorilla fashion yells, "Don't even fuckin' start with me bro! You come at me if you have something to say!". Husband, I guess, is feeling like he's gotta defend the honor of his shushing maiden, stands up and throws some major cut-eye at Loud Dick. But, as we all know, stupidity is not often undeterred by common decency so Loud Dick jumps up and now tries to grab the husband. Loud Dick Jr. finally steps in at this point and somehow manages to wrangle his dad (while I'm sure wishing he was adopted), and lady gets her husband to let it go.

Always one to get the last word in though, Loud Dick yells, "That's RIGHT asshole."

All aboard the Jersey Shore Express!!!



I love how I am listed as "GO Train blog" in DM's contacts. 

But seriously, how heartwarming is this story?

I have to ask, what have we become as a society? That an outright physical altercation occurs because of a "Shh"?

As passengers, we have a right to feel safe on the train. If a similar situation happens on your train, the CSA should be notified. You don't have to push the strip and delay the train, but at least head on over to the accessibility coach and report the behaviour.

Dude should have been tossed off at the next stop.


George said...

I fear for the future of this society when idiots like that can behave in such a manner. I don't generally use the quiet zone so I haven't heard any shushes or reponses.

I had an incident getting off the train last Monday when a guy wearing headphones and a large backpack was waiting for the north doors to open blocking people who were trying to get off the open south doors. After a few "excuse mes" from myself and others had no effect I simply barged through and knocked him off balance. Didn't hear any words directed at me though. A women thanked me and that made the morning a whole lot more tolerable.

Squiggles said...

It is sad that we have come to the place in society when we have to physically get our point across. Even for something as simple as exiting doors.

As for this moron: someone bred with him? Shudder.

Anonymous said...

Verifying my opinion.
This is an example of why CSR's and GO Cops should do the 'shhhh'ing.
It'll be just a matter of time before an incident like this escalates to a more serious outcome.

Bicky said...

Ditto Squiggles.

Most people don't want to get into a confrontation (safety first! Who know how stable some people are these days?) and by doing that, these nitwits get away with bad behaviour.

Tonight a guy was downstairs on the train and on the phone trying to explain that he couldn't talk louder because he was on the train. *smile*

Ryan said...

Something worth noting: Your Customer Service Ambassador cannot do shit in regards to removing unruly costumers from the train. Since they are not GO employees, but rather a contracted crew, they have no authority over the matter. I'm not agree with anyone's boorish behaviour, but it certainly is food for thought.

C.J. Smith said...

I said "Report the behaviour".
The CSA then takes it from there (by contacting Transit Security Officers).
I did not suggest the CSA provides any kind of muscle.
I do not expect that from the CSAs.
Thank you.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

I'd still push the fuckin' strip just the same.
Just my narcissism speaking, of course, but still----if I have to be interfered with in any way why not take others down with me? I always hate that I often have to "go down alone", that's all.