Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Whose Feet Are Those?

Over the past year, many of us have bore witness to this disturbing trend of people riding GO trains and buses bare foot.

The New York Times published an article recently about this trend in poor etiquette exhibiting itself on airplanes.

The explanation?

"Barefoot flying is merely one example of how public space, especially in airports and on airplanes, is rapidly transforming into more personal and intimate territory."

Swap out the word airplanes for commuter trains and it's also true. It's also gross.

There's a whole blog post dedicated to this nastiness over at Rants of a Sassy Stew.

Make sure your breakfast is down before you hit the link.

Imagine having to deal with this?

Photo from Sassy Stew


Squiggles said...

This is a perfect example of needing to beat someone with something sharp. Do that once, they will never do it again.


TomW said...

Importance difference with planes: you are sitting them for hours and hours. Keeping your feet in a pair of shoes for that long isn't good.

C.J. Smith said...

I sit from 5:30 am to 6 pm with my shoes on, while on a bus, train and in my office. If I can manage it, so can others.
Secondly, if a person absolutely has to sit bare foot, they can be discreet about it. Enuff said.

Four Seasons said...

this is when either a feather or anything sharp will do the trick...

Anonymous said...

I hate shoes (and socks, but mostly shoes) and if I were on a long flight, especially if I were sleeping, I would probably take off my shoes. But for the love of Pete, wear a pair of f-ing socks. And WTF? I would never, ever, walk into a public bathroom on a plane, at the office, anywhere other than the swimming pool, in my bare feet.

And your shoeless feet do not belong on the bulkhead, seats, walls, televisions or anywhere other than the floor.


If I am going to a friend's house where I will have to remove my shoes, I make sure I am wearing socks. We are not Carmelite Nuns.


Sylv said...

I travel to Europe about every 12-18 months, and have never felt the need to take my shoes or boots off (yeah, I often go in the winter), either during the flight or the 3-hour train ride at the other end. Yuck is right!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't walk in the pool bathroom barefoot (or the deck) ... there is chlorine, pee, poop, vomit, blood and God knows what else. Experts say use sandals or flip flops.