Monday, November 18, 2013

Home with fever... and Quiet Zones are here to stay

Considering the amount of people that have been hacking and sniffling on the train and bus over the last few weeks, I'm not surprised to find myself in bed shivering from fever and suffering from a pounding sinus headache.

I'm hoping to fight it off with green tea and sleep. I'm one of those people where when I get sick, I get really sick.

Just read an email where Quiet Zones are now a done deal, and no longer a pilot project.

So this failed experiment, where we all contributed examples of its shortcomings, has been given the green light. Apparently a Quiet Zone courtesy enforcement campaign is in the works. Unfortunately it's not me hiding under a seat with a chainsaw*.

(* with the chain removed).


Squiggles said...

It sucks being sick: feel better soon!

When the first cough starts making an appearance on the train, I start taking supplements. This has also cut down on the number of times a year I get really sick, which also includes coming into work to get files then heading back home to rest and keep my germs contained.

As for the Quiet Zone, I am glad. As long as the Powers That Be actually enforce the thing and not make us poor cattle the ones to do it.

April said...

I would rather have a scent-free zone than a quiet zone. I am sick of tasting people's perfume/cologne.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Quiet Zone is a failed experiment, yet it will ensure someone a place on the Sunshine List. I’m guessing the spin doctors at 20 Bay St. would prefer Jimmy Carter’s phrase “incomplete success” to describe the QZ.

Hope you’re feeling better soon!

Bicky said...

Feel better soon, CJ.

As for the quiet zone, there's always going to be donkeys who disregard it. My fear is that it's going to come to fisticuffs and someone will get hurt.

Michael Suddard said...

Take it easy. I just had what you are describing. :)

Nancy Crozier said...

I travel the Lakeshore West and Milton lines regularly, and the Quiet Zone works just fine. Only rarely do I overhear a conversation, and even then it's quiet.

Four Seasons said...

Take care CJ.

talking about the quiet zone...sigh...for the last few days..all i hear in the quiet zone are the people with newspapers flipping and turning pages every 2 min. they are way louder than people talking.

C.J. Smith said...

So you're saying ... it's getting better?!

The LSE needs some work.

Kelly said...

Since I no longer take public transit (new job the last 2 months 10 minutes from home in Oakville - wahoo! but stopped taking the train back in April), I have found that I have not been sick at all since then except for a mild cold for 2 days. Before I was getting ill to the point of requiring antibiotics at least every 6 months with colds in between. I joked that I caught everything.

deepfish said...

Squiggles: "As for the Quiet Zone, I am glad. As long as the Powers That Be actually enforce the thing and not make us poor cattle the ones to do it."

ROTFLMAO. When has GO enforcement ever actually enforced anything except for (sometimes) ticketing?

George said...

For the first time ever, I took the LSW and went to the quiet zone.
I got shushed by a woman who said I was tapping my Playbook e-reader too hard and it was disturbing her. She was at my back in another quad.
I considered tapping with my tongue but since my back was to her I put that thought out of my head since she wouldn't see it.
I did what any normal person would do..I ignored her and her protestations.
It's the quiet zone, not the dead zone.