Monday, November 11, 2013

Just cuz it's a bank holiday (how many of you are actually attending a Remembrance ceremony) doesn't means it's a holiday from the Quiet Zone

If I can hear you, over the sound of my movie playing on my phone, you are TOO LOUD for the train, never mind the god-damned Quiet Zone.

This woman figured since the train was only half full that it was perfectly fine to "yell-talk" over a seat to a woman in a quad over from her all about her weekend at the fucking farm. Too lazy to move her ass to sit beside her friend, this went on for two stops before I reached my level of tolerance for this kind of fuckery and I politely asked the two of them to sit together or get off at Pickering.

They moved.

Earlier I had to deal with a douche playing an episode of Breaking Bad on the bus, with no headphones, at the highest volume possible before I shut that shit down once he continued to do this when boarding the train. I think I said something about when you get to the scene that involves a plastic barrel, that's what will happen to you if you don't find some headphones real quick. As it turns out, he did have headphones! WHAT THE HELL?!

Our exchange was pretty heated. I wasn't backing down. Once I won, I went upstairs. Still steaming from that confrontation, I then had to contend with what happened next, as outlined at the beginning of this post.

It's Monday. All I wanted was some peace and quiet.

Christ, I need to go hug a puppy before I hurt someone.


Jason said...

Life is too short.
You either need to move to the city, or a get new before this kills you.


C.J. Smith said...

A new ... ?

I'm human. I rage. Then I walk 5.1 kms at lunch and all is well.

Jason said...

Sorry, I was tying to say a new job.

C.J. Smith said...

Now way, man.
I love my job!

mark p said...

considering how crappy smartphone or tablets speakers are (im assuming here) , im suprised that idiot even tried to listen without headphones..... my phone's bulit in speaker sucks, you cant hear much out of them without much noise in a house, let alone a noisy environment like a bus.... i couldnt blast them if wanted to (not that i would of course)

C.J. Smith said...

Don't know what phone he had but he's lucky it's not up his butt

Anonymous said...

I sat across from a burly guy yesterday who had his earphones IN listening to some talk radio or something and I thought my ears were going to bleed it was so loud.