Monday, November 11, 2013


Old City Hall
11/11/13 | 11:11 am

Lest we forget...


Taylor said...

Great photo, wish I could have been in the crowd.

Peter said...

Cenotaph Memorial Park in St. Catharines was at capacity this morning. A simple ceremony was held in the cold rain; two rounds were fired from a towed artillery.

Many thanks to those who organized and participated, especially the members of the Royal Canadian Legion who worked diligently during their poppy campaign in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day.

... Lest We Forget

Unknown said...

I hope you at least paused for 2 minutes to think about the men and women who died for our freedom. Too many people 'forgot', or in some cases are too ignorant to realize Nov. 11 doesnt glorify war, it helps us remember why we are free... I unfriended a guy on FB because he called past and currently deployed people 'cowards' for killing people.

C.J. Smith said...

Of course I did!