Thursday, December 12, 2013

Time for the truth about transit in the GTA

new report prepared for the Neptis Foundation by transportation consultant Michael Schabas of London-based FCP raises some timely but awkward issues about the regional transit agency, Metrolinx, and how it, the city and province have managed to make a total hash of transit planning in Toronto and the surrounding municipalities.

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TomW said...

The report seems to think that only projects that can be paid for by the private sector and fare revenue shoudl go ahead.
This is rediculous - the public sector builds transport because it enables economic activity.

We don't subject roads to the same standard - why is transit so special?

DH said...

Because no one raises a stink about it en-masse!

Write your MP, MPP and councillor and tell them how much transit means to you! Means to all of us in terms of pollution, congestion, and loss of productivity.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Time to squeak!

Peter said...

@DH: The time to squeak has past. It's time to ROAR!

Bicky said...

Thanks, Peter. Now I've got that Katy Perry song going through my head. *smile*