Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Posting faces

After a lot of thought I have decided that going forward I will no longer be editing submissions of people behaving obnoxiously or badly during the commute to remove or obscure facial features.

I always felt it bordered on bullying to publicly shame someone who may "innocently" (I use the word loosely) be ignorant about public commuting etiquette but recent discoveries on social media (Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter) is demonstrating to me that people don't care and in fact, are actually proud of being a douchebag and documenting their deplorable actions for the world to see. What's incredible to me is how these people react when I comment on their pictures.

How dare I?

How dare I, what? Call you out for being ridiculously rude or ignorant about the space I have to share with you? The worst photo so far is one I came across on Instagram on Sunday where a woman, about 21 years old or so, had taken a used feminine hygiene pad, one with wings, and stuck it to the window of a GO train while her friend posed beside it. The picture was hashtagged: #gotrain #TOM #decorating #bird #carrie #promnight and others I can't recall. I made the mistake of commenting first and then trying to screenshot the photo on my phone, which is always a big production because I have to use the Stylus pen, and after closing out of the app by accident and coming back in, my comment gave the photographer of this bullshit stunt time to remove the picture. She then took the time to berate me on one of my Instagram photos about minding my own business and asking why I care about what she does on a GO train.

I told her I care because it's clear her parents don't.

Frustrated that I couldn't get any of this drama documented, I told her to fuck off. Not my proudest moment because I dropped myself down to many floors below her level. By the time I got home she must have figured out who I was because she deleted everything: her account and her comments on my account.

In a way, I felt vindicated because she realized the errors of her ways and how close her revolting stunt came to biting her in the ass in a forum she would have no control over - my website.

Maybe she'll think twice about what she thinks is appropriate behaviour on a GO train from now on.

This morning at the bus stop, one of my bus mates told me flat out I shouldn't be cropping out heads or saving anyone from embarrassment.

The damage was already done the minute they decided their sense of entitlement was more important than the traveling comfort of passengers around them.


George said...

Good for you. Douchebags shouldn't be protected by anonymity.
Just watch the sheer number of "legal" threats you'll rack up now. Maybe you should start a section or something just for these types of emails. Hours and hours of hilarity will ensue.

Kelly said...

It should help people stop their behaviour if they see their photos now... hopefully?

Anonymous said...

Why people like to document their idiocy online is beyond me but then they are indignant when people point out their idiocy and immaturity. Bring on the public shaming!

April said...

I got on the train this morning and headed to the middle section, planning to sit where there are only two seats and lots of leg room. The outside seat was COVERED in dirt. HOW? There is no seat across from it? It looked like someone was dancing on the seat.

I deserve clean pants, and these people deserve public shaming.

And now that I have entered the 21st century and finally got a smart phone, I will be sending you pictures!

Anonymous said...

in addition to my last post, people need to educate their kids about their online presence (some adults could use a lesson too). I have a 14 year old daughter and I am on top of everything she does online because it stays with you, embarrasing selfies, stupid comments, hashtagging etc. There is no privacy as soon as you post online. I implore all parents to have this conversation with their kids. Sorry for the PSA, it's just amazing how many people out there don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Good call CJ. Don't give privacy to anyone who WILFULLY and knows full well of what they're doing is behaving badly.

If its a honest mistake, then its your call as to whether we give them the benefit of the doubt.

As to that young woman with the menstrual pad. I would have approached her and rub my hands under her legs to feel it. Just joking!

Anonymous said...

Can you post a link to where that photo is located. Gotta see!

C.J. Smith said...

I can't!
She deleted everything.

Janet said...

hiya cj.

speaking of feminine hygiene, you don't mind telling us which product you use and why?

C.J. Smith said...

^ Most bizarre comment yet.

Unknown said...

GO CJ! GO CJ! Piss ppl off! :D
I stand behind you and public shaming people 100000000%.
Keep up the work - lets start with "the No Smoking patrol" ... I'll start at Seneca College, if ppl want to start at the stations. (BTW Toronto passed new bylaws on Nov. 13 saying ppl smoking within 30 feet/9 meters of a door will get a 300$ fine. Wish they'd give you and I authority to ticket. LOL