Friday, December 6, 2013

Not a crazy train but a crazy streetcar. Close enough

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This morning's commute on the 501:

You could honestly make episodes about what happens on this streetcar.

A young lady gets on at Coxwell and Queen. She enters the streetcar cell phone to ear talking loudly. For all to hear she has a long winded conversation about how her friend Fran is feeling jaded that her boyfriend Michael plays too much golf in the summer and indoor soccer in the winter, ...and really doesn't like to spend that much time with Fran. She continues to talk loudly about what kind of catering they should get for the party on Saturday, and talked at length about how to handle two co-workers that got involved and are no longer seeing each other possibly attending the party.

Throughout the course of this phone conversation, an ominous guy saunters over, and nods along with the girl while she is having her phone conversation. Although people are annoyed no one says anything because they think this guy knows her, but clearly annoyed, she briefly stops her phone conversation and says:

Girl On Phone: Do you mind?

Ominous Guy: Do you?

Girl On Phone: Excuse me?

Ominous Guy: No one wants to hear your phone convesation, people are just trying to have a quiet commute to work, and I'm sure Fran wouldn't appreciate you airing out her dirty laundry to all of us.

She lets whoever was on the phone go.

Girl On Phone: Whatever, that's harassment, I'm talking to the driver.

Ominous Guy: Harassment, please, you're harassing the whole streetcar.

People laughed and clapped to this, but the girl made good on her word, and went to the streetcar driver to complain. Now luckily, this happened close to Yonge where many get off, but the problem is many get on at Yonge as well. I usually get off at Bay. Because she was arguing with the driver, she held up the car. The guy that interrupted her phone conversation was long gone, I got off and just walked to Bay St.

I give the guy props for doing what he did, because unless you have noise cancelling headphones even with music on you could still hear this girl. But I'm wondering if she had a point about the whole harassment thing?

I also wonder what it will be like on a sardine can packed subway at rush hour, once the TTC brings in the wonderful innovation of wiring the tunnels so that people can talk on their phones....*shudder*

Yours Truly
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After much consultation with my lawyer, seen here in his corporate headshot in his handbasket to hell, Mr. Georgie Greyskull says with utmost confidence that asking someone in a public place to can it on a cellphone, or even standing next to them nodding along to his or her conversation that they have chosen not to conduct in private, is not harassment


Bicky said...

I'm not a lawyer (law clerk here) but I would think Georgie is right.

MATT said...

Gold star to Ominous Guy, and an honorable mention to the author for the storytelling. I could clearly envision OG sitting beside the girl nodding his head in excitement.

I bet if more people did this during public cell phone conversations, said conversations would become extremely rare (one I was subjected to a while back about a gynecologist appointment and a pap smear comes to mind).

It's obvious that these people are clueless that others can hear their calls, and are often actively listening to their conversation. Perhaps a little overt body language isn't the worst thing in the world.

Rouge Hill-er said...

Georgie has nailed it as always!
(LOL: "handbasket to hell!")

mark p said...

i hate to say it, but sometimes i wish cellphones didnt exist, now im not a luddite, i own one, but some people get into conversation that the rest of us just dont want to hear, the word TMI (too much infomation) comes to mind.... pity the thought what will happpen if the FAA lets airlines allow people to use cellphones in flight....