Thursday, December 5, 2013

GO Transit fare increase - approved

Hi - not Cj - but a guest blogger. Call me Billy.

Cj is predisposed but she texted me to let you all know that we will be paying more to ride GO Transit starting February 1, 2014 even though I am sure you probably read it on Twitter or got a panicked call from your Aunt Barb who knew you were waiting anxiously on this news. Cj told me specifically to say "Aunt Barb". I don't have an Aunt Barb.

Anyhoodles ...

Our fare increases will also help TTC customers pay $3 to ride from Union to Rouge Hill if Karen Stintz gets her way while us GO customers save 10 cents when we tap to ride the TTC.

Cj will probably kill me for making a statement but it's not right!

We should riot.


Sylv said...

Great, I'll get to pay an extra $0.74 for the limited Barrie line service. I am so pleased!

April said...


416ers can save a minimum of $1.85 if they ride GO, but Dipshit Stinz thinks we should save 10 cents?

I need to move back to Toronto.

Harith said...

I love how they say they won't consider charging for the parking until there is pressure from the media and public.

Yet who cares about the pressure from the media and public about not raising fares, right?

Squiggles said...

Charge for parking. Lower the fares increase to the same rate as inflation.

And Stintz can shove her 10¢ discount where the sun don't shine. And GO better not consider letting them ride for essentially free. Make the TTC do distance based fares, then talk about discounts for riding the GO.

Anonymous said...

From what happened last night with all the delays, I shall call it 'rent'.

C.J. Smith said...

LOL. NO one is being murdered. Thanks "Billy".

Anonymous said...

Screw you GO GO GO! I just convinced my boss to let me telecommute 2 days a week. You just lost 16 trips a month. You do realize more and more people are going to do this, don't you?

George said...

Does anyone realize that the fare per trip we pay is subsidized by about 20%?

If they decided to make money, THEN watch the fares go up.

We are still getting a deal on the trip, just not as good as it was before. How much do you want the province to pay for YOUR trip? I'm sure all the people in all the other parts of the province really REALLY enjoy paying for a good fraction our trips.

So boycott GO or telecommute or whatever, it just means the subsidies go up as the income goes down so you're still going to pay a part of each trip.