Wednesday, December 11, 2013

You know that fare increase? Yeah... so ... can we have heated bus shelters at Oshawa GO station? How about it, Metrolinx?


DH said...

Useless! Takes FOREVER for these things to heat up to anything enjoyable, by that time your train is already there. I mean if you've missed your train, they're nice, but why not just go in the station at that point?

Shelters are also not air tight, so go go pollution!
*note: power is made by nuclear reactors and coal plants (some hydro and VERY little wind). These things cause pollution too. Just because you can't see the smoke doesn't mean there isn't a fire elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

They have these at Burlington and they don't even turn on. Last year they worked and made a hideous noise. This year nothing.

Squiggles said...

A) a complete waste of money, especially since it will become
B) free heated room for a homeless person
This thing is going to be trashed in days.

And to think, all I wish for is a shelter at my bus stop.

DH said...


Agreed, complete waste of money. Yet, the one we have at Rouge Hill doesn't attract homeless people, mostly because it don't work most of the time!

When it does work, you need to wail on the button every 5 min to turn it back on.

Like you, I wonder why they were ever installed in the first place? GO sure as hell didn't do it out of the goodness of their heart. Someone whined and got them installed, probably due to the sheer number of train cancellations in the winter time two years back. When people rammed into GO station like sardines into a, er, sardine can.

Is it useful, sure, during the 1% of the time when a train is cancelled during the winter, which occurs 25% of the year. Is it a good ROI on taxpayer money. Hells to the no, as it only serves the 20 or so people that can manage to cram into the single shelter that actually has this installed.