Monday, December 9, 2013

For those interested in my "greatness at a glance"

November's walk summary.

It's the 16,001 calories burned or "4-point-something-something-I-can't-math-this pounds" that gets me - just from the exercise alone.

I can't say enough about the apps I use. Map My Walk for the GPS tracking while I walk and My Net Diary for the food I eat. Years ago, the only thing I had to motivate me was a scale and that worked out well, didn't it?

Being able to see the progress I am making, tracking the food I eat and monitoring my exercise makes such a difference in this challenge to be healthier and remain a car-less commuter.


Kelly said...

I love my fitbit! Competing against friends for number of steps weekly is motivating too :) Even the fact that scales are digital now helps. Every .1 of a lb counts!

Unknown said...

Awesome job!
I deleted MapMyWalk as I couldn't pause my workout. (It would stoo it and save it, and not let me resume it later.)

Skin Man said...

Log's have been the best friend of those in any sort of motivating when you can see what you've accomplished...whether you shed kg's or improved body shape or speed or whatever.

Keep smiling!

C.J. Smith said...

They are. I love these apps. They make a world of difference