Monday, December 9, 2013

Ha! I wish!

Oshawa to Union in under 15 minutes? That would be awesome.

Here's what 430 km/h looks like:


Anonymous said...

We'll never have high speed rail for the following reasons
1) This city, province and federal government dont really believe in progress so they sit on their hands while proposing more "studies" and commitees which achieves nothing
2) The ridership is not high enough to sustain such service
3) Tracks will need to be upgraded because high speed rail can't tolerate curves.
4) All grade-level crossings must be replaced with bridges since we have impatient pedestrians and motorists. I cant imagine a 400km/h train hitting an impatient pedestrian.

deepfish said...

I took a TGV from Busan to Seoul. If Korea can do it, we can do it... and history has shown (with Presto) that we will do it twenty years later for ten times the spending and only in a half arsed way....

April said...

After these past few days, I would be happy if GO Transit could consistently manage Union to Oshawa in under two hours :S