Friday, December 20, 2013

You know you failed at science when...

... a transformer blow-out resulting in a fire on top of a hydro pole carrying enough kilowatts of electricity to send our bus back to 1985 is now leaning dangerously at a 40-degree angle, threatening to pull down live wire upon live wire of hydro lines onto Oshawa's Bloor Street - slick with rain, puddles and sleet - and you ask the bus driver if he could let you off so you can walk to the GO station, which is so close, yet so far.

This despite Durham Regional Police shutting down the road. This despite the light show happening in front of us that could rival the Symphony of Fire firework competition I used to watch at Ontario Place as a kid. This despite three Oshawa PUC hydro trucks and a crew of 10 scrambling to identify "you-won't-die-here-if-you-step-here" safe zones for walking. This despite firefighters asking people in cars to turn around and head to Whitby GO because letting them into the parking lot risks putting them directly under live wires and poles that could topple like dominoes onto cars and people and cause possible death and injury. I'm pretty sure I needed a few commas in that last sentence.

Yes, some of you folks on the bus with me, angry that the driver wouldn't let you off and walk. This is why you failed at science.

This is why our driver, after negotiating our release with police, drove into the parking lot and tried to get us away from any puddles that could become electrified while workers scrambled to contain the situation and get close enough to cut power, only to realize that the parking lot was too narrow for him to negotiate. Yelling at him breaks his concentration. Pressuring him to let you off and not allowing him to assess the situation like he's trained to do is wrong of you to do. The safest place for us to be was on that bus. Sorry you missed not just one, but two trains, and sorry you were late for work, but some of you really need to calm your tits.

After determining it was safe to exit (both traffic-wise and potential electrocution-wise) and the bus couldn't stay where it was, the driver reluctantly allowed me to get off and direct him from the rear of the bus so he could reverse without shearing off the bumpers of cars. I was wearing a white coat. It was dark and he would be able to see me. It takes a village sometimes...

The bus driver successfully backed out of the lot, I was escorted towards the station by a lovely GO Transit customer service station attendant, and everyone made it to the Kiss and Ride, safe and sound, and able to catch the 7:53 am train.

I agree the driver should not have tried to negotiate the parking lot with the bus. However, he was already rattled by the situation - people yelling at him and with no clear direction from bus operations on what drivers should do who were already at the station, does it surprise you he made a wrong turn?

Right now, you're at work - probably late... but at least you're not "walking the mile" waiting for some "fried chicken".

Such a pretty light show. All that was missing was chestnuts and marshmallows.


Anonymous said...

I say he should have let them off and let them fry.
Some people. SMH

C.J. Smith said...

^ Because lawsuit.

Peter said...

I'm glad everyone is safe, which was, and is, job #1. I'm sure the driver appreciated your assistance; they usually do.

I guess the bozos who wanted off the bus early have never heard the phrase "better late than never".

My initial inclination is to agree with Anonymous and let natural evolutionary selection take its course. But, you're correct, the threat of litigation trumps this option. The defective genome survives another day.

Squiggles said...

Agreed competely Peter.

But, the desire to say let them compete for the Darwin Awards, is almost overwhelming.

Unknown said...

That's cray cray man.
It's amazing that people could be THAT idiotic and stupid. BUT ... we live in Ontario, and our education system ain't the best. LOL

Anonymous said...

Some people obviously didn't listen during Zap the Safety Bird's presentation

Anonymous said...

Isn't that what Darwin is for? Let dumb people sow their own bed so they can lie in it later