Thursday, March 15, 2012

Abandoned love and a cheatin' heart


Today, comedy gold fell from the sky in the form of a love letter that I stumbled across on the floor, at the foot of the stairs, to the 12/13 platform at Union Station.

Half-folded and covered in script, it caught my eye and I almost didn't pick it up. I hesitated before snatching it and I quickly scanned it.

I discovered the letter was unfinished, part of a series of pages that may have been dropped by the woman who wrote it or the man it was intended for.

Pages 1 and 2 have been posted for your perusal and because I have some shred of a soul, I have blacked out dates, names and a key identifying comment in order to protect the author.

Click on each scanned image to enlarge the letter in a new window.

I have a ton of questions for the person who wrote it, such as, was the affair going on prior to the wedding? Why does she feel diamonds are better gifts than household appliances? How much money does she make that she's in a position to bankroll him? I also would like to tell her to dump this guy. We all know he's not going to leave his wife. Many rarely do. Send him packing, sister!

Despite a few shoutouts in the TO Night Newspaper from me and a few others, we were never able to get the rest of the letter. Bummer.


Liz said...

I like the 'being in the hospital' excuse....I'm using it next tim.

P.PICKLER said...

You need to write a shout out asking the author to email you the rest. I have to know what else she had to say and also would like to let her know that I'm single and available, with no string attached.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness to this woman, who ***really*** picks who they fall in love with? One of the most agonizing things in life is to fall for someone already taken.

Now it's a different story altogether when the person who is not attached goes ahead and takes the other person on a ride like what this guy is doing to this poor woman, who sounds like a tortured soul.

There are some amusing remarks but I am sure the letter was a heartfelt plea to obtain something that probably will never be hers and for that, this guy is a jerk so I agree that her best bet would be to dump him but that isn't easy and it's not like she'll get over him the next day.

Breaking up is a process. This letter sounds like she just started step 1 and frankly, I would like to read the rest, too!

gary said...

At least there's nothing in there to clue in the wife. Men who cheat are dogs. Shame on this guy for doing this to the poor girl. I can't imagine having to tell family that the reason why they can't meet someone's boyfriend is because he's in the hospital when really he's with his wife. Who does that? It also sounds to me this affair was going on long before this jerk got married. What an ass.

Anonymous said...

I was laughing when I read the part of the excuse of being in the hospital? There are so many other excuses that would work - that's a strange one! And the guy is scared to tell his parents b/c of they paid for the wedding? I don't think so..just another excuse he's made and he will not leave his wife. Plus they work together - this is not a good thing either.

Carole said...

I don't feel sorry for her at all. Why? She hardly feels sorry for the wife, right? Doesn't seem to care how hurt the wife may be by all this? Perhaps she too could have thought this through further before indulging the jerk.

Anonymous said...

Sound like she is being strung along with the same excuses 'i love you and want to leave my wife but cant because of X.'

Anonymous said...

I think someone needs to phone up Danielle Steele and tell her her manuscript for her upcoming trashy book has been found.

poppy said...

there's something to be said for a woman who knows household appliances make for a happy marriage. too bad the hubby's fixin' to wreck it.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...seen this one up close and personal. Waste of time, and if he does leave, she'll never trust him for the rest of "their life together". There are so many other (better) men out there. Hope the rest tells him she's dumping his cowardly ass. Keep truckin' sister!

e said...

Dear "Other" Woman,
You're fooling yourself and he is fooling you. Talking from ex-married wife who was cheated on many many years ago, the husband will NEVER leave until the wife kicks him out. All the excuses he is making are simply that. Never under any circumstances make an offer to support him - then you will be stuck with a man who takes advantage of you, lies on the couch and worse may do the same thing he's done to his wife. And stop for God's sake blaming him or his wife for your predicament... DON'T YOU HAVE ANY SELF RESPECT and DIGNITY? Don't you deserve a man who is available and appreciates ALL of you.

Dear Husband or "G",
You're walking on treacherous waters... 1. you're co-workers and if this "other" women gets fed up with your bloody excuses, she's going to blurt out your sordid affair at work and you might loose your job (explain that one to your wife) and 2. You too, don't you have some dignity and respect for your wife "S" - you hate being with her so much than end it... stop wasting her life - she doesn't deserve a cheating, lying husband like you.

This is the problem folks... these days everyone has little respect for themselves or other people. Both "G" and the "Other" woman are both responsible for this inexcusable action. Don't feel sorry for any of them because when it blows up in their face, they will face the sad circumstances.

That's all I got to say... e

P.S. CJ is my work colleague and have some privilege information.

Poob said...

You poor misguided naive idiot...I can't help but feel a little sorry for you, because clearly you have lost yourself in the web of lies spun by your selfish, lying, cheat'n creep of a lover.

It seems obvious to me that you're a young lady, unexperienced in the ways of the world...and men in general. that's the only rational explaination for you being in this situation.

Honey, do yourself a favour, get out while the gettings good! This is going to blow like Mount St. Helen's when it comes to a head...and it will. Either you'll get fed up with being strung along by your lover,and blow the whistle on him, creating a mess for both of you: or he'll get fed up with you putting pressure on him to leave his wife (a woman, that believe it or not, is likely nothing like the picture he paints to you) and he'll dust you like Pledge on a Coffee Table; or someone at work will pull their head out of their butt, realize what is going on and nark the 2 of you out, potentially casuing one or both of you to lose your jobs, cost him his marriage (whcih he'll blame you for becaseu he has no intention of getting out of the marriage himself)and end your lvoe affair. These things almost always end, and never end well.

My question is, what if he did leave his wife for you? Would you really want to make a life with a man that you met as "the other woman?"

How would you ever know he wouldn't cheat on you as well - there could never be trust in your relationship, and it will be doomed to fail.

I agree with the other comments here - never suggest or agree to support a man - good God woman, have you no self respect! Why would you want to hump back and forth to work everyday, dealing with the stress and strain of that, only to come home and take care of some slug liar that's lost everything because he couldn't keep it in his pants, and wondering all the time what he does to fill his days while you're busting your hump earning a living for the both of you!

You sound like a lovely young girl that is in love with the idea of being in love. Get out of this mess (What would your family think if they found out who your boyfriend really was, and what his situation is?), and go find yourself a nice single guy, that loves you for you, has little to no baggage (well at least no WIFE in tow) and make yourself a partnership like a real, mature relationship should be.

You are selling yourself short.

donna said...

This is all great advice but now we have to figure out how we get the person who wrote this letter to read it.

Someone needs to write a shout out alerting this woman her letter has been found and that a brevy of advice awaits her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss,
Im guessing by paper you used you might still be in college or your ealy 20's.
- If the guys wife asked him to trade the ring for a dish washer its only cuz he aint washing the dishes
anyways if you are still looking to take someone for family christmas dinner. i can offer my services at a low low low price (of we can discuss that later). Other than that stop wasiting your time. Rock that boat!!!!
Silent J

RonNasty said...

CJ you've done it again! Yukon Cornelius envies you.

Anonymous said...

CJ, Someone(!), write a shout out! I'm impatiently waiting to see how this plays out.

Marge said...

I guess the author of the letter (poor, misguided soul that she is) is too young to have heard that old saying that "The trouble with marrying your mistress is that you create a job vacancy"?

C.J. Smith said...

A shout out has been written along with some advice. It's now up to the staff at t.o.night newspaper to make the editorial decision to publish it.

purple rain said...

This made today's shout out.

Scroll to page 14

lswgirl13 said...

Ooooooo, I remember this. I always imagined this chick was some young thing right out of school and developed a crush on a few-years-older-guy who liked the attention. What guy (or girl) wouldn't? I laughed when I read the part about the "children when we have them". Yep, she's probably got cute, trendy names all picked out too. I seriously blame the chick in this situation. I hate to say that there are tons of women out there like her. They don't care about wives, children, families, they just move in for the kill.

Dan-1 said...

lswgirl13: "Breeze", "Dakota", "Apple", and a little white dog named "Gabbanna"...

lswgirl13 said...

You know this girl don't you Dan-1? ;-)

I still wonder what happened. My money says the guy is still with his wife and the girl is looking for a bunny to boil.