Thursday, March 1, 2012

Think of all the children!

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Fellow commuters don't want GO train dirt (see photo above) on their clothes so keep your damn feet off the seats!

Laundry detergent is expensive.

The hydro and water resources used to launder clothing is a strain on the environment and even harder on people's wallets.

If we can all band together to keep everyone's clothes cleaner, we can save our fresh water so we have more to ship in bottles to kids in poorer countries who rely on Canada for clean water to drink.

We can help others save money so they have more to donate to charity rather than buying more Tide, Sunlight or that awful Arm & Hammer crap. Did you know the last time I bought Arm & Hammer it didn't clean a damn thing!?

I must have used a 1/4 of a bottle for one load which I ran through five times.

Imagine all the hydro and water I used for that!? I mean, the whole time I'm thinking how many kids can I feed with this money I'm spending to wash my damn clothes!!! You know what the answer was Franca?! Lots.

So yes, Franca, I am doing my part which is not so much to say for you since you wasted a whole day worrying about me when you could have been visiting an animal shelter hugging puppies or knitting socks for senior citizens - you know, stuff like that.

But who am I to judge?

Hope this puts this into perspective.

- CJ

from: Franca Gxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
date: Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 8:44 PM
subject: Feet on the seats

I'm sure you spend a great deal of time on your website judging by the content, which is sad, considering there are so many other valuable ways you can give back to your community such as volunteering at soup kitchens, organizing toy drives for kids with cancer or raising money to buy school supplies for kids who don't have any - you know, things like that.
Yet, instead, you choose to single out PAYING customers on a public site for others to poke fun and joke about.
Now, you tell me how this is going to help change the world? How is not having someone's feet on the seat going to make the world you live in better for you? Because I've spent the past day since learning of your site trying to figure out how you having an issue with a person's choice of how they sit on a train is going to, say, prevent a child from dying from hunger. Nope, can't say it will.
Anyhow, have fun with your website.



Bev. said...

But so true.

ExGOnowTTC said...

I don't know where to start. Franca, i don't care if you volunteer at soup kitchens, help little old ladies across the street or save kittens from trees. People like you who put feet on seats are narcissistic twats. Doing all the good things above doesn't take away from the i'm more important attitude foot donkeys and their ilk display. If you're such a caring person, why not go the whole hog, rather than the quarter chicken deal?

Squiggles said...

A) Franca is a foot rider who DOESN'T do anything in that list of hers. It is obvious based on her lack of consideration. If you are considerate, you have no need to justify your behaviour. I am a paying customer, who doesn't put feet on seats, who HAS volunteered at organizations before. So shut it.

B) Glad to know about the Arm & Hammer detergent. At least I only bought 1 bottle. Will test and see if it does it's job washing the towels and sheets before I even attempt washing my nice clothes (at least they were nice before I sat in your crap Franca).

C.J. Smith said...

I'm struggling to remember the brand I switched to. It's start with a P. I know it by logo. The stuff is amazing. I used to be a die-hard TIDE person but then it got so expensive.
Dammit, it's on the tip of my tongue...

Dakota said...

Hi CJ,
It is Purex. I love it too. It is reasonably price and cleans great.

Anonymous said...

WYG CJ! You tell it like it is, girl.

lswgirl13 said...

I'm good with both Purex and Arm & Hammer!
Geez Franca, go off and save the world if you must, I'm still gonna be here in the wonderful world of capitalism making as much money as possible to take care of my favorite charity, me.

Jenn Jilks said...

You go, woman! I find it awful to watch how disgusting people are in public.
I hope that someone speaks up, too.
I don't take the Go, but I have spoken out.
Remember one guy sitting idling in a parking lot.
I went up to him and asked if he'd ever heard of Climate Change... he sheepishly said he had, and shut his car off.
There are ways to speak out with humour, and we all need to be part of the solution.
You blot out their faces, but I'd feature the idots prominently!!!

lswgirl13 said...

Ohhhh, one more thing. That floor is disgustly filthy. Anyone know how often GO cleans the cars? I'll bet they say everyday but I highly doubt it. And Franca, as a paying customer, I should expect a clean train, seats included!

Squiggles said...

I normally use Purex (baby formula for my clothes), but ran out and got whatever is the cheapest as a stop-gap measure.

But still, Franca is gathering friends on this site I see.

Franca said...

Wow. Way to take my whole email out of context.
But I'm not surprised considering your outlook on life.
I don't appreciate being accused of being disgusting in public.
For the record, I don't put my feet on the seats.
All I wanted to know is why this blogger feels she's justified in singling people out.
Why is she allowed to cast the first stone.
Is she without fault?

Fred's wife said...

Oh Franca.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Purex. Great stuff.
Always goes on sale a lot.

TT said...

Franca said: How is not having someone's feet on the seat going to make the world you live in better for you?

By not having to spend $$ to clean my clothes after every GO train trip I can donate more money to charity.

And I'm not sure how being a paying customer means anything. You're still expected to abide by the GO Transit by-laws. It says that right on your ticket.

Bicky said...

Where's the like button for lswgirl13's comment at 11:25?

If one is going to behave poorly in public, then they'll get called out on it, in public.

Can't handle it? Then don't act like a jackass! Simple stuff, really.

C.J. Smith said...


Blah blah blah.

lswgirl13 said...

I love you too Bicky!

Franca, I just think that comparing bitchin' about people putting their feet on the seats and excess use of cleaning products to starving children is a waaaay over-the-top. I can't save the world, I'm leaving that to the "occupiers". AND I see nothing wrong with calling out people with no common sense or manners. I don't put my feet on the seats, I hold doors open for people, I say please and thank you. I could go on but let's just say I was brought up properly.

Anonymous said...

u know franca ive ben wondering too why this loser cj waistes her time on this shit. thanks for calling it out.

Lil Nat said...

I'm curious as to how Franca's email can be taken out of context...I think she should post what she sent (screen shot that shit!!) and we'll see what's out of context or not. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure she laid out her whole opinion pretty plainly...not sure how CJ could've modified it any more than that. Plus, why would she need to, the pictures and text exchanges are a greater pull sometimes than the whiner emails.

@GoTrainHate said...

Hey Franca, Call me.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:37, Spell much? Grammar?

Anonymous said...

Obviously a foot-sitter, seat hogger, loud talker, annoying person who takes the GO Train all day long to her volunteer positions!

Dan-1 said...

Ahh yes, the "Entitlement without Responsibility" attitude:

"I'm *entitled* to ride on GO *however I want*. Am I doing something wrong? Not my problem, I can act however I want because I paid!"

I see it more and more these days.

The "save the world", "first world problems" and "starving children in Africa" are always favourites to try and rationalize any kind of behaviour using guilt. Doesn't work sunshine, people can see through the clouds.

McDarver said...

Franca - If people are not able to manage something as basic as manners what right do they have to expect respect from us. What hope do we have of expecting these same people to continue on with human evolution by helping others in a soup kitchen. Get off your high horse and look below you - it's all shit isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you spent a great deal of time writing your email judging by the content, which is sad, considering there are so many other valuable ways you can give back to your community.

Because you've spent the past day trying to figure out how someone can have an issue with shoes covered in street-scum on the seats, 1 less child has a pencil for school. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

Anyhow, have fun writing emails about children.

mumzthewurd said...

Franca, If you have spent any time on this blog at all, you would realise that CJ is speaking for countless other riders who want a clean, comfortable, quiet ride. That is what I pay for when I purchase my ticket. No one pays for a lazy boy recliner, no one pays for 2 seats so their bags will be comfy while I stand. No one pays for a private phone booth to conduct hour long conversations about their work or life. No one pays for a concert seat to listen to their music at a deafening volume. You are sadly lacking in humanity for someone who proclaims it's importance. Why not start with just being NICE to other people?

lswgirl13 said...

@mumsthewurd - GO should make that part of their mission statement!

mumzthewurd said...

You and I wish.