Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Drop-kick me, Jesus, through the goalposts of life

In this case, Pear.

Did I ever tell you how good I am at kicking?

I can punt any object and get incredible distance. Football players got nothin' on me.

And when I see your shit blocking the aisle while the train is boarding, all I see are goalposts.

Thanks to SM for the pic. Apparently this woman does this daily:
Every freaking day, morning train on Lakeshore East, this woman gets on with her ‘bags’ and takes up half the aisle as people climb to get past her. She gets on early, and there are always ample seats available, including those seats under the stairs for people with luggage…but she opts for the seat where you can’t put anything under (though I doubt it would fit!), and leaves it in the aisle creating a hazard. Selfish twit! Her purse is bulging at the seams too – who needs that much stuff EVERY DAY for work!?!?!


Squiggles said...

Wow. People like this make me glad that I can fit my backpack under the seat (in the aisle, standing up so lunch dishes don't leak) and don't take any room. At every stop, I even make certain that no handles have escaped and made their way into the aisle, creating a tripping hazard.

No excuse. One day, someone should nudge the bag away from her. See if she learns that the aisles need to be clear.

C.J. Smith said...

No, one day she will encounter me.
Pear everywhere!

Matt said...

Know what pisses me off MORE than people who leave their shit in the aisles? The people who don’t feel compelled to move from the stairs when people are trying to exit the train. Hell, this is a problem boarding the train as well, but there is more of a time-crunch to get OFF the train than on it, in my opinion. I’m specifically referring to the narrow lower-level stairs (from the lower-level to the mid-level), and there’s a person holding a backpack over one shoulder and is engrossed in the nothingness on their cell phone who thinks that they aren’t really in the way and that the 60 of us trying to squeeze past to get off the train before we hear “stand clear of the doors” are being unreasonable. I have nearly been caught on the train because I couldn’t get down the stairs fast enough due to these donkeys.

I’m a pretty big guy (6’0”) with wide shoulders, so I always make sure I give them an uncomfortable nudge on the way by just to drive home the point that they need to get the fuck out of the way when the train stops at the busiest station on the corridor.

DF said...

With respect to the stair donkeys as well as this woman's bags, when you walk past them you accidentally bump them or their bags in the aisle accidentally causing her bag to dump over or accidentally knocking the donkeys in their head with your purse. It accidentally happens to me all the time !!! :)

Sylv said...

Usually it is the person across the aisle from an aisle-blocker who gets bumped, as people try to proceed on the non-blocked side.

Anonymous said...

Just kick her bag down and that way it will teach her a lesson

RonNasty said...

If you want to see a good punter, just watch the kid in this video.