Thursday, March 8, 2012

For The Win

My inner, raging, parking-psycho bitch monster loved this.

The note reads:
Dear person,
I'm sorry if I put a dent in your car.
I didn't want to but, I did whne I tryed to park next to you.
I am not leaving my information because you chose to use two spaces and I just wanted to park in one.
The scratches are because I took a towel that had sand on it to try to clean the dent/paint off. Beaches are fun.
Please look your car over for the dent and scratches and next time you see them remember not to park in two spaces.
- Sorry !!!


Squiggles said...

I saw this earlier this morning and went WIN!!!!!!!!!

In truth, I think the note writer is lying about actually harming the car, but s/he did prove their point in a very effective manner.

Bicky said...

Destined to become a classic. Love it.

Shirker said...

Parking like that is never called for, but it's especially unnecessary in wide spots with double lines.

DF said...

she ruined it by apologizing in the end.