Friday, March 9, 2012

Burning question

bre_the_ren 15 hours 56 mins ago Twitter
@ThisCrazyTrain What is it with people carrying suitcases to work? And to do so on #GOTrains?


Harith said...

Yeah, I reeeeeally hate this trend of people using their goddamn carry-on air travel luggage as their "go to work" bag. Especially the shitheads who drag their stupid bags behind them.

I chalk it down to laziness and wanting convenience. I love their indignant when I inadvertently kick their bags because they're walking so slow in front of me.

Squiggles said...

I kick them too! Especially since I have been run-over by them way too many times.

But these are the ones that actualy take their suitcases on the plane as carry-ons. Probably because the carry-on size is full of crap they drag to and from work everyday.

lswgirl13 said...

I have wondered though if some people might be going away for business and catching the Porter shuttle?

Shirker said...

Some court reporters use them to lug all their equipment and bibles around. I don't really care if people use them as long as they keep them out of the way (both when moving and stationary).

Davis said...

How do you not know that these people are not going on a trip? When I took the train and traveled back home during college, I'd have some luggage. I would need to take my luggage as the GO train was the only way for me to go back and forth from town to city.

Anonymous said...

@lswgirl13 I've done that plenty of times. I try to be courteous with my bag though when I have to. The people dragging their purse or briefcase-on-wheels through Union in the morning are a bit aggravating, because they take up the space of 2 people and it's already super-crowded.