Monday, July 11, 2011

All my friends know the Bag Rider

Bag Rider likes to take over. (insert horn toot toot)
Bag Rider makes you gonna move over.

Bag Rider is a dirty turnip. (insert horn toot toot)
Bag Rider needs to go ahead and move it.

- As sung to the tune of Low Rider

Thanks to 705761XXXX for the photo. Taken on the 5:10 LSE! You know that train gone full up!


Anonymous said...

Who is able to snap these photos without being seen/heard? I have been tempted to snap a photo of an offender before, but my Blackberry makes a very loud clicking sound when I take a photo. It's far too obvious to get away with. I know if I caught someone taking a photo of me with their phone I'd be royally pissed (though I can't imagine a reason why anyone would need to...), so I never take the chance. Clearly I need a quiter Blackberry!

C.J. Smith said...

You need to know how to turn off the shutter sound on your BlackBerry. Dial into your voicemail. Once it answers, click your camera shortcut key. The phone will allow you to take a picture while you're connected to a call. This mutes the shutter.

Anonymous said...

or ditch your lame blackberry and get an iphone or android phone

lswgirl13 said...

**gasp** NEVER, iphones and androids are for the cool kids generation. I love my BlackBerry!!! And on a related topic, Jim Balsille is a delicious looking man.