Monday, July 11, 2011

Revenge of the herd

Someone waged war on the parking donkeys at Ajax on the Thursday before the Canada Day long weekend.

I'll let TCT Reader Jen set the scene for y'all:

I caught the 5.20 train home. It was so empty everyone got their own quad.

I got off the train and lollygagged across the parking lot. As I was nearing my vehicle, I was mentally lamenting the number of donkeys that are still parking in the No Parking locations of the north lot in Ajax - even after the overflow lot was opened. Laziness, I tell you.

One of these donkeys was parked close to my vehicle and as I was passing by I noticed that the sun was reflecting oddly off the window. I stopped and turned and then ended up doing a double take.

The reason was this: Someone had taken a sharpie to the driver's side window writing how badly this person had parked and that the plate number had been forwarded to the proper authorities. That is paraphrasing of course, the hand writing was a little hard to decipher (CJ says: Probably because the person writing it had a hand shaking with rage).

I just wish I knew who the Ajax Avenger (as I have taken to calling this person) is. I would love to contribute to their sharpie fund.

I did manage to get a photo of the window. It was taken with my phone and with the light, its a little hard to read.


Anonymous said...

stupid parking fucking up my life?

Really? who ever wrote that has serious issues. Hate to see what happens when this person misses a train.

FRED said...

Definitely written by a dude. A woman wouldn't use a Sharpie.

lswgirl13 said...

While I love this person's "mad as hell" moment, is a Sharpie easily removed from a window cause' basically this is vandalism. And Fred, a woman would use lipstick, it comes off but a major pain to do so.

Anonymous said...

Simple rubbing alcohol removes perminate marker rather well.