Thursday, July 7, 2011

She's got Crazy Eyes, she blocks the space between you and I

Dudes, I don't profess to be a songwriter. I'm no Wierd Al but I do feel that Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen needs to be parodied to address the look people give those of us when we say "Excuse Me" on the platform, "Excuse Me" when boarding so the door blockers (aka door donkeys) move, "Excuse Me" when on the train so the bag riders and the foot riders move their shit and their body parts so we can sit, and "Excuse Me" when we try to tap our Presto Cards or punch our 10-rides to the people who think the machines are their personal coat racks/bookcases.

The people who block the machines remind me of cats. If you own a cat, you'll know what I mean. My cat Georgie, who is the fattest cat in Canada, thinks a table leg makes him incognito. I can see you, you bastard! Now move!

I was emailed a link, where in the comment thread, a shout out to ye old (TCT for short, yes, it's the acronym for the TTC mixed-up - purely unintentional) was written. For the shout out, I thank you "hauntedsponge". The shout out was in reference to people who make riding the GO suck (Thank you, "sempire") .

Here's a picture of Crazy Eyes. Those of us who hang out on the TCT know her as a door donkey. What's a door donkey, you ask? Learn more about this TCT meme here.

Here's a helpful illustration:


James said...

CJ you're into reddit too eh? I'm surprised you have time for this site.

C.J. Smith said...

No, I was emailed the link that someone else posted. Oh my god, the last thing I need is another time waster!

But I don't see this site as a waste of time. This site is like my stage, microphone ... it's my own online comedy club. Just like people make time to read my site, I make time to maintain it.