Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Thursday.

I couldn't come up with anything witty, sorry.

It's that time again! I need to change the banner.

Hulk need new idea.

Got any?

Check out the gallery for inspiration.


TomW said...
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TomW said...

Parking problems: the solution

Anonymous said...

@ Tom: that is amazing!

@ CJ (aka The Hulk): how about a pic of the the "G" reclining with legs on a seat and the thought bubble blaming the Govt for having to ride the train?

James said...

Have the G insist that the O must be a lesbian.

e said...

How about something to do with the Indy... I'm sure people will be squeezed into cars since driving is nearly impossible this weekend... just an idea, e

C.J. Smith said...


ding! ding!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could champion this cause for a while, please?