Friday, July 29, 2011

Not once, but twice! reader suffers abuse at the hands of parking donkeys

I don't have a name just a phone number but I'll call the person who texted me these pictures "Janet". She sounds like a Janet.

On July 15th, at the Streetsville GO station, Janet parked her Hyundai in the parking lot and went to work. When she returned to her car, she bore witness to this:

Someone had scraped her car.

There was no note. No banana offering to show apologies. Janet drove home - pissed off and in disbelief that people can't drive out of a parking lot without causing mass destruction.

Fast forward two weeks later. Janet again parks at the Streetsville GO and last night, when returning to her car, she discovered this:

Again, someone had hit her car, only this time, the donkey managed to scrawl out a note offering to pay for the repair.

The paint colour looks the same to me and I'm willing to bet all the fat in Kim Kardashian's ass that it's the same car, same driver.

Tell me, how in the hell does anyone manage to scrape another car? Did the person graduate from the Stevie Wonder School of Driving? Seriously.


Squiggles said...

A) they get their licences out of the cracker jack box. no lessons required.

B) the person "attempted" to back into the spot and on at least 2 other occasions misaligned and ran smack into the other car. And then they probably drove away to attempt it in another spot.

Anonymous said...

Probably pulled out of the space and turned to soon thus scraping and denting Janets car

Anonymous said...

Dirvers in Mississauga are terrible!

kary said...

I've said it here before. I always park on the outside of aisles, and hug the lines whenever I can. I park in the Oshawa GO station, and every morning I walk much further than I need to, in hopes that I can avoid having my car damaged by my fellow commuters who either don't give a crap, or are lousy drivers. That really sucks.

Anne said...

Sad part is, it's not even busy season at the parking lot !!??


lswgirl13 said...

Is that a (circa) 1995 Aurora???

Anonymous said...

Its a 1997 tiburon.