Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thirty-five percent of you who bothered to move your mouse up a bit take the LSE

I had to recreate the poll as I missed some key jobs. Thanks for the feedback my friends! Please make your selection again.


I run polls on this site. I run polls because I'm nosy as all hell and want to know more about my demographic than what Google Analytics and SiteMeter tells me. I do know that 40% of y'all work for law firms. I can see how the traffic routes in. Don't worry, I won't be calling up your HR department any time soon, so you can close down and quit hyperventilating.

The results of the last poll, titled, "Which corridor gets your crazy ass to work?" garnered the following:

Lakeshore East

75 (35%)

Lakeshore West

42 (20%)


17 (8%)


23 (10%)


27 (12%)

Richmond Hill

7 (3%)


9 (4%)

None. GO Bus!

4 (1%)

Other transit

6 (2%)

Votes so far: 210

I have a new one, based on a reader suggestion. I want to know what industry you work in. I might want to renew my mortgage, buy more life insurance, write a will or get some advertising drawn up.

To partake in the new poll, which Google stoopidly calls "voting", just scroll up. Top right. I appreciate the added effort.


Bicky said...

Hm, I'm torn. There's no "accounting" option (technically I work at a big four accounting firm). However, I working in publishing (updating and proofreading tax law) so I could select "researching" or "editing".

Bicky said...

Duh, that should read: "I work in publishing". Great proofreader, eh? Never mind, it's early.

RonNasty said...

You could also add "Computering".

Dan-1 said...

Or just "h@ck0rz1ng" for those with 1337 sk177z.

lswgirl13 said...

YEAH, you went with my suggestion!!! I feel honoured!!! Okay, well not really. You forget panhandling and self-employed on Jarvis Street.