Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Parking lot assholes (the rage spreads beyond Oshawa)

From: KXXXXXXX Foster
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 13:41:51 -0400
Subject: Asshole Drivers

Is it just me, or is it extremely irritating (rage-inducing even) when people drive diagonally across the GO lot, cutting through all the empty spots to get to the parking spots that are filling in closest to the station? Personally, I like to be SAFE and drive down the main lane of the parking lot to where the front rows are filling in, turn down one of the aisles, find a spot and then park. You know, the way you’re legally supposed to. But everyday it seems there’s some jackass who can’t be bothered to drive properly. Instead, they come in from the back of the lot and cut through all the aisles and empty parking spots until they get to the front where people are parking.

So we have all these people speeding in diagonally across the lot, and other people driving in the marked aisles horizontally. Naturally, this makes it dangerous. Several times I have almost been hit this way! Every time I come into the lot I have to be on the watch for these people so they don’t smash into my car and myself. Do you have this problem in Oshawa or is this just at my station (Appleby in Burlington)
Yep. Just as bad as Oshawa.


Bicky said...

You can add Whitby to the list. Plus the donkeys don't know how to drive in the parking garage either. They go the wrong way to get to a spot - signs clearly indicate "DO NOT ENTER"! Or, they speed through there (diagonally too) like they're driving in the frickin' Indy. Look, leap and pray when you're in a GO lot.

TomW said...

Related issue: drivers who park such that the whole bonnet is sticking over the sidewalk, because they jam their front wheels against the curb.

The front of your car should not be over the curb. Parking spaces are the length of a car (!), plus a bit. There's room enough to park your car in the space - stop using space assigned the sidewalk.

TomW said...

Oh, and GO could stop the diagonal driving if they put those concrete curbs between rows of spaces. Easy really.

Sylv said...

And how about the kiss and ride users? At my station, there is one way to get in, then you loop with traffic and come to a 3-way stop to exit(the 4th direction is the one-way entrance to the kiss and ride). Invariably, someone will exit from that side of the lot, bypassing the lineup of cars exiting the correct way.

Uncle said...

I got hit by one of those asshats in the Pickering GO overflow lot on the East Side. It was winter and this idiot was cutting across and he couldn't stop when he finally saw me using the actual lane-way.