Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guitar? Check. Amp? Check. Wheelchair? Check? Ok, go!

NOTE. There is amp feedback at the beginning of this video so turn your speakers down.

Submitted by AO. Shot on the Bloor Danforth westbound line.

Hi C.J.

I was the one texting you about the "homeless crippled starving musician who hasn't eaten all day" who was panhandling on the TTC tonight with his electric guitar and amp.

He eventually got off the train - or so I thought... every time the doors would open at a new stop, I could hear his "rock" coming from the next car over!

This guy is all kinds of brilliance. I hope he made enough money for dinner. But most importantly, I hope he had a TTC musician licence. You know, to be fair.

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ExGOnowTTC said...

By playing on the subway cars, i can pretty much guarantee he doesn't have a licence. All licensed TTC buskers can only play in certain areas, and never on the subway cars themselves.
Makes a nice change from being harassed by the mentally ill and homeless though.