Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Monday, I published a photo from a guy named Henry. Henry took a picture of his reflection in a GO train window and then emailed it to me. He claims to have his feet on the seat and it appears he's giving me the finger. Or he's telling me I'm Number One.

Below is the text exchange we had Friday night.
My replies are in green.

Henry: hey asshole just sent u a picm lemme no if u like LOL

The hell is that?

It's me sayin hi 2 u. Middle finger in the air and I'm a foot riding cowboy. The best season is winter when I rest my boots!

Where are you in the photo?

You don't see? Are u blind? LOL

I see what looks like a fat blob. Is that you? Are those tree trunks you're holding?

I'm sitting and I've taken a pic of myself inthe reflection. Do u see it?


Make it larger.

Make what larger?

The photo asswipe.

How do I do that?

Are u kidding?

Well maybe if you weren't such a crappy photographer...

It's the phone.

Yeah, I bet. Ansel Adams managed to take art gallery quality photos with a box and a pinhole of light. You're just crappy with a camera.

Maybe if I have a $2000 nikon instead of this camera phone but I don't so who carers.

See my point above. The camera is merely a tool.

Anyway, there's nothing to see here so I'm moving on. Thanks for the chat.

Do you want me to highlight what you need to see?! LOL


What's your issue with people who put feet on the seats anyway? Who cares. Does it hurt you!?

Actually yes it does.

Every time I see feet on a seat, a piece of my heart withers away and dies.

LOL whatver. Who cares. When u look at my. Pic you'll get it.

Wow, you're not letting this go are you?

You should put it on yourwebsite!!

Put what?

My picture.

All I see is a mess.
I never heard anything further from Henry. Eventually I did get around to looking at the photo he sent in Photoshop and posted it for you all on Monday. lswgirl13 confirmed what I initially thought, it wasn't obvious at first what the photo was about.


Anonymous said...

Oh Henry. It's so unfortunate that you have nothing better to do with your time ... :(

Anonymous said...

1) I don't see the feet on the chair.
2) We can't make out what he's actually doing with his hand. Maybe he's pointing at something on the roof? Gremlins?
3) Most people can take better photos when their camera accidentally goes off in their bag.

This would be a fail.

ExGOnowTTC said...

Henry likes to name call i see. I guess it gives him something else to do besides living in his parent's basement masturbating furiously to episodes of Songs of Praise.

Squiggles said...

I am thinking that henry (such immaturity doesn't warrent a capital) doesn't understand what LOL means.

And, even with the 'shopped photo, all I see is a blob... both in the photo and as a "human being".

Shirker said...

If the lack of hair on top is any indication, Henry is too old to be using txt-speak. Also real cowboys? They ride horses, not trains.

Skin Man said...

You know, I was thinking many of the same thoughts as those expressed above, until I got to the ..."you should but this on your website!!"

Then I started to see the true picture of henry...a very lonely, sad person.

I think he needs our sympathy...and he needs a friend.

Nah....he needs a kick in the head! Dirty boot rider!

lswgirl13 said...

Can I get Henry's phone number? :P

Henry L. said...

I only date chicks who put their feet on the seats. I've been told I resemble Ron Jeremy. go Googles him if you need the 411. He sees action. I see action LOL!!!

purple rain said...

That just made me want to boil myself in oil.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaah F'n disgusting. Ron Jeremy is the scuzziest piece of trash on this planet, and I doubt that you, bald man, get all that action, as you claim. FAIL.


Dan Garcia said...

I bet it's only the top half of Ron Jeremy that you resemble Henry. Particularly the overweight, balding, hairy back and chest part.

Just sayin'....

FRED said...

Henry = Legend in his own mind

But spanking of Ron Jeremy, he's in the video for the LMFAO song, Sexy and I Know It. He can see why he's called the "Hedgehog". Gross.

lswgirl13 said...

Eeeeeewwwww, I need to go have a nice acid wash shower.

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like he just stepped off of Idiocracy.