Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twitter tweets = food

All kinds of reedonkeylous on the LSE Tuesday night.

The problem started when things went awry on the 4:10 train and it came to a dead stop west of Rouge Hill. Then the 4:25 was delayed. Then the 4:10 was terminated. Then the 4:25 was used to ferry the 4:10 folk past Rouge Hill. I was on the 4:30. This fiasco delayed my train by almost 30 minutes. We picked up a few of the 4:10 stragglers at Rouge Hill and also at Ajax (I can't figure that one out).

The Whitby and Oshawa lots were a mess as the 4:10/4:25/4:30 people pretty much arrived within minutes of each other. I didn't have to drive out of the gong show as I took the bus. I arrived home at 6:40. I left Queen and Yonge at 4:05 pm. You do the math. Balls.

However, there was a silver lining. Not that I was dropping clues on Twitter or anything but a follower of mine strung together my tweets and figured out who I was once she made her way to my coach which I had mentioned in a tweet. I was all kinds of hungry (no lunch) and she had leftover Halloween booty which she shared with me. Of course, I was hoping for a burger but one can't be too picky.


JKing said...

*You* are hilarious on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

I was on the 5:10 LSE train and this mess caused my train to be delayed as well. Plus, the Whitby parking lot was still a mess after our train left! *sigh*

Squiggles said...

The 5:20 was a slow crawl from Guildwood to Ajax (where I got off). According to the sign at the station we were 15 mins. late. According to my time keeping, we were closer to 30 mins.

There is a bit more of a gap with the trains after the 5:20 (not much though) so maybe they sorted themselves out for those ones.

April said...

I was on the 5:20. There were still a billion cars trying to get out of the lot from the last train(s) so I thought I would be smart and sit in my car for 10 minutes. Didn't help. I did witness a lot of people driving up over the barrier between the lot and the bus exit. BRILLIANT, but probably not legal. I might have joined them if I wasn't afraid I would rip the undercarriage off my car!

Bicky said...

This almost makes me glad I waited and got the 6:43pm train home. But it made for a verrrry loooong day. At least the GO lot was clear sailing.

lswgirl13 said...

LSW was perfect!!! :P