Tuesday, September 2, 2014

GO electrification possible in 10 years, confirms Metrolinx CEO

For the first time, the CEO of Metrolinx has confirmed that the province’s promise to electrify GO trains within 10 years is achievable. But that doesn’t mean the entire system will get all-day, two-way, 15-minute service in that time. Bruce McCuaig, who had previously called the timeline “aggressive” and “constrained,” now says it’s do-able. But in…


Bicky said...

I'll be retired before any of this comes to fruition.

TomW said...

Possible, yes. The best use of limited transportation dollars... maybe. Certainly 15-minute two-way all-day GO service would be a big improvement (and doesn't require electrification).

However, all-day 15-minute local bus service across the GTHA would be (much) cheaper, and probably get more people using transit.

C.J. Smith said...

I agree. Expanding the bus service is a more viable and tangible solution.

George said...

15 minute two way service is a politicians opium-fueled dream.

The cost in extra equipment purchase and maintenance and employees would be staggering in addition to the expense of electrification.

One or the other there politicians, can't have both.

More buses would be a good solution though for the time being.