Sunday, September 21, 2014

OPP arrest man in Oakville after knife pulled during altercation on a GO Transit bus

Because nothing ends a fight faster than pulling a weapon, right?

Some jerk's family is combing their couches for pennies and dimes to bail out a dude who thought it'd be a good idea to fight with a knife on a GO bus last night.

Dumbest move ever. Police aren't disclosing why the argument escalated so quickly and what the fight was about.

A passenger on board had called 911 just shortly after 9 pm as the bus passed through Burlington, heading towards downtown Toronto. According to the OPP, officers and officers from Halton Police boarded the bus while it was stopped on the QEW near Royal Windsor Drive.

The man was arrested without incident at 9:30 pm.

The unidentified smartest man in the world was charged with assault with a weapon.

Photo: @emma_lp via Instagram


deepfish said...

If he was in Oakville he should have pleaded the "I-Pay-Taxes" Oakville Defence. Works for smokers at Oakville station....

Bicky said...

Makes you wonder what the hell this world is coming to. *smh*

Anonymous said...

Someone should have grabbed a fire exntinguisher and use it on that suspect.