Monday, September 8, 2014

I know way too much about your life

You should realize you`re talking too loud on a GO train when people who sit down next to you, suddenly jump up and leave after 30 seconds while you were in the middle of reading the texts from your husband`s sister to your friend sitting across from you.

You should realize that you are really too loud if someone has to come down from the Quiet Zone and ask you to shut up.

This was this morning. 7:53 out of Oshawa. Second car from behind the locomotive in the bi-level.

This woman was so loud, I had jacked the volume up on my game of Angry Birds and I could still hear her.

But since I was not in the Quiet Zone, I figured it was my fault for not heading up there, but it would have been pointless anyway because I`m sure the CSA could hear her from three coaches away.

She didn`t care. She didn`t care about anyone. She was important and we were all going to hear about how strangers came into her house and looked through all her things and how she felt violated and like how her privacy didn`t matter.

Yep. Privacy. It`s very important to her.


Bicky said...

That's when people should jump into the conversation with a "No way!" or "Holy crap on a cracker, really!?". Or some other nonsensical reply.

Anonymous said...

And she'll do it again and again until someone gets in her face and embarrasses her enough that she'll stop.

Jules said...

I love Bicky's suggestion, totally throw her off by getting right into the conversation as if you were actually included.

Michael Suddard said...

But CJ, didn't you avoid the Quiet Zone to play with your official This Crazy Train Air Horn?

George said...

I actually did that two weeks ago on the 4:43 LSW.

The lady was telling her friend about the latest meanderings of someone else's husband when I joined right in.

Never a more fun ride home.

They were LOUD too. positively yelling at each other followed by insance cackling at their own jokes.

George said...

Forgot about another incident I was invloved in.

A few weks ago ont he homebound train there was a lady yapping on a phone on the lower level. I suppose her signal was getting weak and she shouted "CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?!" 7 or 8 times in a row. I shouted back after the last time "WE CAN ALL HEAR YOU!!!".

It got a laugh from the crowd and a death stare from the lady. She did shut up though.

I can such a troublemaker at times.

mark p said...

it never ceases to amaze how people can obvliously have the most personal phone calls in public, its worse when my ipods battery is dead, or i forgot my headphones at home accidently and i have to listen to things i shouldnt have to hear, like some womans kid has some nasty infection or something like that.....