Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shoutout to the CSAs

It's been brought to my attention that some CSAs on a few of the corridors have been making announcements to passengers asking for consideration about where feet belong.

To those men and woman, I thank you. It's a shame we have to remind people to be courteous but the fact that you are making announcements, especially in wet weather, is appreciated by many of us.

Last night I sat in the wet residue of someone's shoes or boots as I failed to do my regular seat pat-down because I rushed to claim a seat.

There's nothing worse than wet dress pants and the dry cleaning bill to go with it.

This is why I rage.


Squiggles said...

The CSA on the 5:20 LSE has been doing this, along with a reminder of the Quiet Zone and AND!!!!!!!!! how the seats are first come basis and to not put the bags on them as well.

Gotta say, I love it. It makes the "enforcement" of it easier.

Bicky said...

The CSA in the morning has been doing this. Shame he has to, though. Most of us are adults, we should know better.

Anonymous said...

Afternoon LSW CSA does this too - absolutely FANTASTIC!! Only problem is that the ones doing it usually have their headphones on with the sound cranked up or are talking away very loudly so they don't hear the announcement anyway.

Buncha douches!!

Skin Man said...

As long as the CSA's keep this up it will eventually get to everybody...and yes passenger's doing the enforcement will find it so much easier.