Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"GO F@#% yourselves!" - Letter to ThisCrazyTrain

from: JK
date: Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 11:10 AM
subject: GO Service Guarantee

Well CJ,

In the ever-growing list of reasons for why GO doesn't honour its Uncle Dalton McStupid vote-buying service refund, this is definitely a new one: "No it wasn't!!  That train was right on time!  You're wrong! My records show it wasn't delayed even a minute."  (NOTE: I did paraphrase a bit and had a nasaly, whiny voice in my mind even though Frank at GO was really quite pleasant and had a nice voice.).

LSW Sept 10, 9:07 out of Burlington.  Ran late the entire trip with the CSA constantly coming on and apologizing for the delay.  We pull into Union and the CSA announces that we are 16 minutes late (ha kinda close, I'll probably get denied) and then suggests we check to see if this trip qualifies for the service guarantee.

I submit my claim, and faster than they have ever responded to me ever (less than an hour) I got my response - Denied, needs to be more than 15 minutes late.  I call up my buddy Frank to politely ask WTF? Your guy announced (like most CSAs typically do) we are arriving X minutes late (16 minutes in this case).

Frank advises that his records say the train was right on time and that the CSA shouldn't have said anything about the time of arrival.

OK, so as I now understand it, all they need to do is say we're lying about what GO staff tell us and that we should just go F@#% ourselves (again I stress Frank was really nice and that when I say they, I mean the large nameless, faceless corporate we within which no one takes responsibility, no one seems to care, and definitely no one deals with reality).

New service guarantee - We don't care!  


Bicky said...

Well that's definitely a bitch.

I've taken to checking the website to see if my train qualifies, and if it does have that lovely green checkmark, I take a screenshot. If ever I need evidence for a future denial, I'll have it at the ready.

Pain in the butt, I realize; and I shouldn't have to do this. But if they aren't going to honour it, why have it at all?

Anonymous said...

Fight it. I've got every claim approved that I've ever escalated.

Anonymous said...

I've given up on it. Luckily at work they're pretty flexible so every time I should get a refund I just ask to work from home and deny GO a fare. I realize not everyone can do this, though. My second option is to drive. Honestly, the cost is about the same and once in a while it's a good change.