Thursday, September 25, 2014

Google Leporiphobia. I'll wait

On the bus last night. Jamming along to American Kids by my boyfriend (he doesn't know he's my boyfriend) Kenny Chesney when this text came in.

I'm thinking it's related to this photo ... but nope.
But isn't it astounding how these people assume I know what they're talking about?
Like I'm some kind of Instagram Serial Commenter who sits in a dark basement with thousands of Instagram photos pinned to a wall with red pushpins and red yarn connecting them to printouts of comments I've made, and there's a well and a hose, and one of these Instagram people keeps calling me "Mister" while I'm trying to sew a skin suit.
Actually ... I think these people *DO* think I'm like that.

Did she (he) just assume I'm a lawyer? Or a loser? I googled her (his) phone number for a location and came back with Markham hoping she'd (or he) give up more info.

But the bunny thing got me because that was so random yet SO appropriate ... because ...

^ That. That coming from someone who texted me.

I walked all the way home trying to recall what photo she or he was referring to. Because I don't troll Instagram for hours a day, or print out photos, or record my comments (maybe I do need to become an Instagram Serial Commenter) I'm often left scratching my head.

It wasn't until I was on my second glass of gin and lemonade did I recall a photo of two college-age women posing on the tracks at Markham GO Station with a train approaching in the distance behind them. One was flashing the peace sign and I think I wrote, "You girls sure are stupid" or something like that. I know I've accused people of being stupid in a few other photos as well. I'm sure they're planning their text attacks as I type.

So yeah. THAT is what may have caused this very entitled text message -- where the photo was taken down so people could no longer judge a stupid girl -- who is standing on railroad tracks, having her picture taken while a train approaches.

Because that's not stupid at all.


Just a dude said...

I can't imagine what drives a person to "hunt" down someone who wrote a comment randomly on a PUBLIC forum like Instagram.

Do these kids think all this shit is private?

C.J. Smith said...

^ Unfortunately - yes.

Bicky said...

Okay, first of all, Kenny Chesney is MY secret boyfriend. And isn't his new song just GREAT!? I love it. Can't wait for his tour to come back to Toronto, whenever that may be.

Now, who did this person get permission from to be on the tracks, as s/he is claiming? The tracks are technically private property, so if you're on 'em, you're trespassing. I can't see permission being granted as "high speed trains may pass at any time and in either direction." I'm calling "Hooey" on this claim.

C.J. Smith said...

^ You are NOT going without me.

Anonymous said...

I might have to send you a snarky text if only to enjoy the witty responses ;)

VRS said...

nobody would get permission to be on the liability.

Dan-1 said...

Creepy girl texting you is a moron, she's just saying she had permission to justify her stupid actions.

We all know she didn't call up Metrolinx, go in and sign a waiver waving all rights to sue Metrolinx in the event she gets injured or killed while occupying the tracks by her station.

Skin Man said...

Smile achieved! Thanks CJ.

George said...

Dan-1, she never would have gotten that far. Only people with a purpose such as film makers, photogs, inspectors, etc are allowed on the rails after signing all that paperwork and more and then they get accompanied by a Metrolinx escort and flagman.

Low-grade bullshit by a loser in this post.

Jules said...

I can't stop laughing. I love how you mess with people CJ, its so funny to see the moron's baffled at your responses.